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Rugged mountains, majestic lakes, crystal clear air, and just so much to do. From bungy jumping to wine trails, jet boating to tramping, dining out to skiing, the tricky part is extending your stay to try and fit everything in. A sophisticated and cosmopolitan resort in one of the most majestic and scenic locations on earth, Queenstown motivates like no other destination. The range of activities is second to none and the possibilities for your group are endless. The scenery, infrastructure and vibrancy of Queenstown make it a perfect location for your next event. The area has captured hearts and imaginations since the first Maori came in search of pounamu (greenstone) and the giant Moa bird. More recently, gold miners, adventurers, filmmakers, wine enthusiasts, Hollywood stars and US Presidents have been drawn to this magical region and its intense alpine energy. There are more than 150 bars, restaurants and cafes to indulge in, as well as easy access to fabulous local vineyards where a lunch at a winery restaurant is one of the season's most popular pastimes.

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    7 km from City Center



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