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CRE8AD8 was launched in 2007 by Greg Palomino. He started the company after years working internally for various Fortune 50 companies planning events & meetings since 1998. He initially started CRE8AD8 to help bail people out of the "dog-house" for forgetting anniversaries and birthdays. Within weeks of opening shop, he received requests from various well-known local companies to help plan their events. Greg was not aware of the business potential of the local economy on the 3rd party side, but he didn't say no to business. CRE8AD8 quickly gained attention and was nominated for several awards in 2008 and took home over 10 that same year. Since then, CRE8AD8 has won over 50 awards and been featured in 40+ publications and is now employing people across the globe. CRE8AD8 functions and operates differently than most other event management companies and DMCs. CRE8AD8 is homegrown, humble and driven to change the landscape of the industry. Our "CRE8ORS" are all part of the CRE8AD8 team. They're young, fresh, driven, talented, degreed, certified, knowledgeable & most of all; they want to be the next big thing. They'll do anything in their power to make it happen for you. Many of our CRE8ORS also come from major Fortune and Inc companies after they've realized CRE8AD8 is leading the charge in this industry. They joined our company and have played a major role in making us #1. We are a fun group to be around. We'll take care of your every need and when you decide to elevate your event and let us CRE8 your perfect'll never look back again!

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