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Why Choose Our Destination?

Taipei has always been a place where cultures collide and coalesce. The earliest archaeological evidence of human presence in Taipei was found in the Yuanshan Prehistoric Site (B.C. 5000) and the Zhishanyan Prehistoric Site (B.C. 1000-200). The two sites confirm the early human presence in Taipei and Taipei’s past as a lake. Later, the Ketagalan group belonging to the Pingpu ("Plains") aboriginal tribes began to thrive in areas such as Tamsui, Beitou and Bali. The cultural kaleidoscope of Taiwan's capital city pulses wherever you go. Incense-veiled temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neon street life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisines; and for the gourmand, there are plenty of night markets serving up scrumptious evening snacks in an environment of chaotic excitement and fun.


Distance from airport

  • Songshan Airport

    5 mi. from city center

  • Taoyuan International Airport

    49 mi. from city center

  • Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport

    157 mi. from city center


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