Enercare Centre & Beanfield Centre an SMG Managed Facility

Toronto, ON Convention Center
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ChainIndependent / Other
Total Meeting Space5,000 sq. m
Guest Rooms
100 Princes’ Blvd
Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Enercare Centre & Beanfield Centre an SMG Managed Facility

Toronto, ON Convention Center
Learn how the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) works


Room Features and Guest Services

  • Internet Access
  • View (Ocean or Water)


  • Onsite Catering
  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • AV Capabilities
  • Business Center
  • Video Conference

Venue Accessible By

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Train


  • Staging Area

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Meeting Space

Total Meeting Space5,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms42
Largest Room33,300 sq. m
Second Largest Room25,039 sq. m
Exhibit Space> 10,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms
Room Size
Ceiling Height
Room Dimensions
Maximum Capacity
Banquet Rounds
Cocktail Rounds
Presentation Theatre
167sq. m6 m-100---100--
Salon A2
0sq. m6 m-128-70-12856-
Heritage Court
3,449sq. m18 m144 mx 36 m4,426---4,426--
Salon D1
0sq. m6 m-60-40-6042-
Salon 110
0sq. m6 m-196-120-196121-
10,312sq. m7 m88 mx 124 m4,131---4,131--
A,B,C and D
33,300sq. m18 m356 mx 91 m14,900---14,900--
F 1st Floor
5,203sq. m4 m53 mx 108 m1,918---1,918--
Salon A1
0sq. m6 m-80-60-8056-
Salon C2
0sq. m6 m-168---168100-
Salon C3
0sq. m6 m-48-40-4842-
Salon 106
0sq. m6 m-208-120-208132-
Salon 107
0sq. m6 m-272-130-272142-
Salon 105
0sq. m6 m-438-200-438264-
Salon B1
0sq. m6 m-45-40-4539-
Salon C1
0sq. m6 m-96-80-9664-
F 2nd Floor
3,530sq. m4 m53 mx 102 m202------
Salon 109
0sq. m6 m-191-120-191118-
3,902sq. m7 m54 mx 73 m-------
Salon 108
0sq. m6 m-208-120-208132-
Salon 101
0sq. m6 m-208-120-208132-
Salon 102
0sq. m6 m-208-120-208132-
Salon 103
0sq. m6 m-438-200-438260-
Beanfield Centre - General
14,864sq. m9 m--------
Hall A
11,613sq. m18 m128 mx 91 m4,573--4,573---
Hall B
9,977sq. m18 m-3,836--3,836---
Hall C
5,418sq. m18 m-1,918--1,918---
Hall D
6,292sq. m18 m-2,360--2,360---
A, Hert. Crt
15,062sq. m18 m128 mx 127 m5,754--5,754---
A, B, Hert. Crt
25,039sq. m18 m-10,770--10,770---
Hall B, C
15,394sq. m18 m165 mx 91 m5,700--5,700---
Hall B, G
20,289sq. m18 m-7,967--7,967---
Hall B, C, D
21,687sq. m18 m228 mx 91 m8,114--8,114---
Hall C, D
11,710sq. m18 m119 mx 91 m6,491--6,491---
Beanfield Centre - Ballroom Entire
4,112sq. m9 m90 mx 46 m4,000-2,6002,2004,0002,952-
Beanfield Centre - Prefunction A
904sq. m3 m58 mx 19 m-------
Beanfield Centre - Pre-function B
1,068sq. m3 m59 mx 21 m-------
Beanfield Centre - Pre-function C
846sq. m3 m47 mx 18 m-------
Beanfield Centre - Pre-function D
770sq. m3 m48 mx 18 m-------
Beanfield Centre - Ballroom A
2,041sq. m9 m45 mx 46 m2,520-1,2001,0002,5201,440-
Beanfield Centre - Ballroom B
2,073sq. m9 m45 mx 46 m2,520-1,2001,0002,5201,440-
Beanfield Centre - Ballroom C
2,448sq. m9 m53 mx 46 m3,024-1,5001,3003,0241,800-
Beanfield Centre - Ballroom D
1,666sq. m9 m36 mx 46 m2,088-1,0008002,0881,152-
Beanfield Centre - 200 (ABC)
382sq. m3 m34 mx 34 m522-230190522288-
Beanfield Centre - 201 (ABC)
288sq. m3 m34 mx 26 m396-200170396216-
Beanfield Centre - 202 (AB)
266sq. m3 m26 mx 20 m245-140120245180-
Beanfield Centre - 203 (AB)
269sq. m3 m13 mx 10 m352-140110352180-
Beanfield Centre - 204 (ABC)
342sq. m3 m33 mx 31 m440-260240440224-
Beanfield Centre - 205 (ABC)
333sq. m3 m33 mx 30 m424-260230424210-
Beanfield Centre - 206 (ABCD)
889sq. m3 m68 mx 52 m1,260-5605201,260618-
Beanfield Centre - 200 A
144sq. m3 m11 mx 13 m180-804018090-
Beanfield Centre - 200 B
103sq. m3 m11 mx 9 m108-502510854-
Beanfield Centre - 200 C
135sq. m3 m11 mx 12 m162-804016272-
Beanfield Centre - 200 AB
247sq. m3 m22 mx 22 m324-14070324162-
Beanfield Centre - 200 BC
237sq. m3 m22 mx 21 m306-14070306162-
Beanfield Centre - 201 A
82sq. m3 m11 mx 8 m99-50259954-
Beanfield Centre - 201 B
103sq. m3 m11 mx 9 m108-502510872-
Beanfield Centre - 201 C
103sq. m3 m11 mx 9 m108-502510872-
Beanfield Centre - 201 AB
185sq. m3 m22 mx 17 m252-11055252126-
Beanfield Centre - 201 BC
205sq. m3 m22 mx 18 m270-11055270144-
Beanfield Centre - 202 A
135sq. m3 m13 mx 10 m160-804016074-
Beanfield Centre - 202 B
131sq. m3 m12 mx 10 m168-804016875-
Beanfield Centre - 203 A
135sq. m3 m13 mx 10 m160-804016060-
Beanfield Centre - 203 B
134sq. m3 m13 mx 10 m168-804016874-
Beanfield Centre - 204 A
111sq. m3 m11 mx 10 m120-502512060-
Beanfield Centre - 204 B
100sq. m3 m11 mx 9 m104-502510460-
Beanfield Centre - 204 C
131sq. m3 m11 mx 12 m152-804015274-
Beanfield Centre - 204 AB
211sq. m3 m22 mx 19 m256-14070256120-
Beanfield Centre - 204 BC
231sq. m3 m22 mx 21 m288-17084288134-
Beanfield Centre - 205 A
131sq. m3 m11 mx 12 m152-804015274-
Beanfield Centre - 205 AB
232sq. m3 m22 mx 21 m288-17084288134-
Beanfield Centre - 205 B
100sq. m3 m12 mx 9 m104-502510460-
Beanfield Centre - 205 C
101sq. m3 m11 mx 9 m104-502510460-
Beanfield Centre 205 BC
202sq. m3 m22 mx 18 m240-14070240120-
Beanfield Centre - 206 A
220sq. m3 m17 mx 13 m300-12060300134-
Beanfield Centre - 206 B
234sq. m3 m17 mx 14 m300-12060300134-
Beanfield Centre - 206 C
216sq. m3 m17 mx 12 m287-120-287134-
Beanfield Centre - 206 D
220sq. m3 m17 mx 13 m300-12060300134-
Beanfield Centre - 206 AB
454sq. m3 m34 mx 27 m630-280140630296-
Beanfield Centre - 206 ABC
669sq. m3 m51 mx 39 m945-400200945432-
Beanfield Centre - 206 BC
450sq. m3 m34 mx 26 m600-240120600270-
Beanfield Centre - 206 BCD
670sq. m3 m51 mx 39 m924-390195924486-
Beanfield Centre - 206 CD
436sq. m3 m34 mx 26 m630-280140630324-


Local Attractions

BMO Field

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MLS stadium home to the Toronto Argonauts, Canada Soccer and Toronto FC.
170 Princes’ Boulevard
Toronto, ON, CA M6K 3C3

Medieval Times

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Nestled in Toronto's Exhibition Place is Medieval Times' only Canadian Castle. The Toronto Castle features unique -- but no less regal -- architecture from its former life as the Arts and Crafts Building of Exhibition Place. As our largest castle, Toronto provides ample space for King Philippe's massive feast, show of medieval games of skill and, of course, the authentic jousting tournament. The atmosphere inside the arena is electric as 1,400 revelers cheer on our six Knights whilst the swords clash and lances splinter
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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, is located on an island in Toronto Harbour, just offshore of the city’s downtown business and tourism districts. The airport is connected to the mainland by modern ferries carrying passengers across a modest 121 metre (400 ft) gap, often noted as the world’s shortest scheduled ferry run. As Porter Airlines’s main operating base, Toronto City Airport provides unrivalled urban accessibility; whether you’re on a quick same-day business trip or escaping for a weekend.
Bathurst St at lakeshore Blvd
Toronto, CA

Liberty Village

Business District
10 minutes away
Liberty Village offers attendees who are looking for a quick break, the ability to discover one of Toronto’s trendiest neighbourhoods, Liberty Village. It’s only a few minutes drive or a 10-minute walk away. Just take the pedestrian link at the Exhibition Place GO Train station, located adjacent to Enercare Centre. Experience various unique restaurants like Mildred's Kitchen Temple, SCHOOL Restaurant and Local Public Eatery.
King West (Near Dufferin)
Toronto, CA


  • Paid Parking
  • Valet Parking


With stunning architectural design, Enercare Centre & Beanfield Centre an SMG Managed Facility is the focal point of Toronto’s Exhibition Place – a 192-acre lakefront complex that’s a vibrant destination for public celebrations, festivals and events. Magnificent in size and flexibility,It offers 1,072,000sq. ft. of contiguous exhibit and event space, divisible into nine halls – with 25,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Beanfield Centre is just south of Centre and features Toronto's largest ballroom at 43,900 sq. ft. along with 20 state of the art meeting rooms. An underground pedestrian pathway connects both Centres and allows the buildings to be used together as a complex. The facilities offer, in-house catering, telecommunications, on site business centres and 6,500 available parking spots. Closest Airports are: Toronto City Centre Airport and Pearson International.

Additional Information

Enercare Centre & Beanfield Centre an SMG Managed Facility both operate under the Exhibition Place GREENSmart program. This program has put Exhibition Place at the forefront for environmental initiatives and sustainability practices. The program incorporates: linen free meeting rooms, 4 stream recycling (incl organic), local and organic foods, compostable food packaging and dishware, LED Lighting, 100% green power at Allstream Centre and rainwater harvesting to name a few.


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