Consorzio Verona TuttIntorno

Convention Center
Guest Rooms1,304
Guest Rooms at 1 Hotel160 Guest Rooms
Special Event Venues1
Average Room Rate$225.00
Daily Food Cost$108.00
Occupancy Rate
Tax Rate22%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Verona is a city of many layers, where ancient Romans, medieval nobles, Venetian signori, Napoleon, and Austrian Hapsburgs, have woven a rich tapestry of art, architecture, and history throughout its urban fabric. The city’s great appeal lies in the fact that, from its historic center to the banks of the Adige River, it is both a bustling, modern northern Italian city and a living testament to Verona’s glorious past. Short distance away, on the site of the ancient Roman forum, you will find Piazza delle Erbe, now home to a local market and surrounded by buildings and towers dating from the 12th-17th centuries. For many centuries, on the lower slopes of the Lessinia mountains located in the eastern province of Verona, the volcanic soil of the Alpone, Tramigna, Illasi and Mezzane valleys has provided the ideal environment for the cultivation of garganega grapes and the production of Soave wine. This wine, considered one of the great Veronese whites, owes much to the volcanic origins and emerging limestone of these hills. The Veronese shores of Lake Garda offer an intoxicating landscape, and burst with colour. Charming small towns, vineyards and olive trees dot the shoreline. A water-lovers paradise, the deep blue waters of the lake and its eastern riviera offer an incredible variety of attractions that can be visited in a half day tour from Verona or the Valpolicella, or on a more leisurely full day tour.

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Distance from Airport

  • Verona Villafranca Airport

    11 km from City Center

  • Verona Villafranca Airport

    11 km from City Center

  • Vicenza Airport

    61 km from City Center



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