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Convention center
Guest rooms4,719
Guest rooms at 1 hotel162 guest rooms
Special event venues
Average room rate$166.00
Daily food cost$92.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate23%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Convention Bureau – Wroclaw serves professional conference and event organizers, international association, meetings planners and tourist organizations with advice and practical help concerning business tourism activities in the region of Lower Silesia. The last decade has revealed many forgotten treasures in Eastern Europe. The city of Wroclaw is amongst the most valuable. The booming Lower Silesian capital is rapidly expanding culturally and demographically, but above all economically. Every year Greater, Wroclaw attracts hundreds of new investors. The growing attention of international tourism proves that the city is becoming one of the leading meeting places in the heart of Europe. Versatility of development facilitates foreign investment, which has promoted strong growth over recent years, making Wrocław the leader on a Polish scale. Scandinavian, British, French and German capital has already revealed strong presence here. Wroclaw’s position as the Polish leader in attracting foreign investment has been further strengthened by Poland’s entry into the European Union and the resulting access to European funds. Moreover, Wrocław is close to two national borders: one with the Czech Republic and the other one with Germany. The city is located only 170 km from the geographical centre of Europe, 350 km from Berlin, 280 km from Prague, 390 km from Vienna and 340 km from Warsaw which makes it an ideal meeting place on the international, domestic and local level. Rich conference and convention venues, luxury hotels and an international airport located only 10 km from the city centre along with a well-developed communication system, facilitate professional congress organization and services to a diversity of events.

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Distance from Airport

  • Wroclaw Airport

    11 km from City Center



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