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Trip Group, In order for an incentive to achieve its goals, it is crucial to make sure you select the right destination and venue (very frequently a new and hence interesting one will work out best) and, perhaps even more importantly, ensure that the accompanying programme will capture the participants attention, gain their enthusiastic involvement and be an inspiration to them. A good incentive is not just an opportunity to see and experience a destination, but it must leave indelible memories; it must be unique and one of its kind. It is not a half-hearted “aha” you want to hear, but a enthusiastic and vigorous ‘wow’! To achieve all that you cannot afford to take your chances and need the best DMC, PCO and Tour Operator you can get. TRIP Group is your guarantee of success.



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Trip Group offers an amazing range of attractions – cities alive with their cultural history and vibrant with modern life, uNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Parks and unique natural wonders, outstanding art and culture, excellent cuisine, sports events and festivals, etc.

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