Congratulations to the 2022 Cvent Excellence Awards winners!


The Virtual Virtuoso

Best Virtual Events Program

Virtual events create meaningful experiences by connecting us across the digital divide. Nominees in this category use event technology to drive virtual attendance, deliver compelling content, and enable valuable attendee interactions. They track and measure attendee engagement across the event lifecycle through digital touchpoints, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities. They can also equip sponsors and exhibitors with the tools they need to optimize and prove event ROI. The Virtual Virtuoso has accelerated their total events program with best-in-class virtual events.

Criteria: Must use Cvent Attendee Hub or Cvent Event Management with virtual platform integrations. May also use Cvent Studio within Attendee Hub, Appointments, and/or Cvent Mobile Event App. Please note if Cvent Professional Services were used.

The Hybrid Hotshot

Best Hybrid Event Experience

The Hybrid Hotshot masterfully crafts one event with two incredible experiences using event technology. Nominees in this category have harnessed the power of combined in-person and virtual experiences to drive attendee engagement and create impact for the organization. They can also help drive measurable ROI for sponsors and exhibitors while proving event success through a cohesive reporting and analytics platform. The Hybrid Hotshot knows how to use the power of hybrid events to capture our attention and leave us feeling connected and inspired.

Criteria: Must use Cvent Attendee Hub or Cvent Event Management with virtual platform integrations. Must use Onsite Solutions for in-person experience. May also use Cvent Studio in Attendee Hub, Cvent Supplier Network, Diagramming & Seating solution, Passkey, Mobile Event App, LeadCapture, and/or Appointments solutions. 

Webinar Wonder

Best Webinar Program

The Webinar Wonder knows the importance of leveraging a webinar program to generate and nurture leads and drive brand awareness, as well as deliver valuable thought leadership, training, and other content. Nominees in this category have expanded their use of event technology to drive innovative experiences through their webinars and reimagined the attendee experience to maximize engagement and drive measurable results at scale. They have improved their content delivery, elevated the quality of their content production, and increased interactivity while standardizing processes and consolidating data into a single system. The Webinar Wonder has successfully optimized their program with the right technology at the core.

Criteria: Must use either Attendee Hub or Webinar Plus bundle to manage webinar(s) or webinar program. Use of Cvent Studio within Attendee Hub given special consideration.

Ace of Spaces

Effectively Sourcing and Managing In-Person Experiences with Safe Practices

Sourcing and managing effective in-person experiences while ensuring attendee safety onsite is a significant priority in the new event landscape. Nominees in this category use the Cvent Exchange solutions to source safe venues, create an event space with social distancing in mind, manage room blocks efficiently, and ensure a flawless onsite experience.

Criteria: Must use Cvent Supplier Network, Diagramming & Seating solution, and/or Passkey for venue management and relations. May also use Onsite Solutions and/or Mobile Event App to create engaging onsite experiences. 

Event Marketing Mastermind

Best Event Marketing Strategy

Event marketing is critical to the success of any event, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Now more than ever, event technology has become an integrated and integral contributor within the marketing tech stack. Nominees in this category have implemented Cvent in a strategic and programmatic manner to support their entire event portfolio, including hosted events, trade shows, and even webinars. They prove the value of events as a key channel in their organization’s overall marketing strategy by mastering event promotion with creative new tactics and multi-channel marketing strategies, all while enhancing their brand.  Moreover, their event marketing process is automated and integrated within the organization’s marketing mix to drive measurable results.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to manage virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. Must demonstrate how successful marketing of event program contributes to organizational success in measurable ways (ex: lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, retention, attribution to pipeline, closed business, etc.).

ROI Rockstar

Best Return on Event

Meetings and events are essential to businesses for training employees, engaging clients, and building strong relationships. The ROI Rockstar is able to drive revenue growth and maintain business momentum using creative technology solutions. This award recognizes organizations of all sizes and industries who are realizing measurable Return on Event, whether for virtual, in-person, or hybrid. These nominees are setting and exceeding goals, automating event communications, and maximizing attendance and response.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to demonstrate return on event for virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person events.

SMMP Sensation

SMMP of the Year

Implementing a Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP) is no easy feat, especially during challenging times. Having a strong crisis management strategy is critical in ensuring the well-being of attendees and the overall health of the business. Nominees in this category are able to use technology to protect business interests while propelling the industry forward. This award recognizes those successful practitioners who master the complicated blend of registering and approving meetings, strategic sourcing, and budgeting and cost saving methodologies, all while continuously improving the attendee experience.

Criteria:  Must use the Cvent Meetings Management module to manage the meeting request and approval process for virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid meetings and events. Use of Access Portal Premium given special consideration.

The Rookie

Cvent Rookie of the Year

It doesn’t take long to see positive changes in a meetings and events at an organization that has rapidly and successfully implemented new technology. Nominees in this category may be new to the Cvent platform, but their strong adoption of Cvent technology is quickly transforming their event planning process. These nominees are already showing impressive results at their organization for virtual, in-person, or hybrid events.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to manage virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid events. Must have signed their first Cvent agreement no earlier than January 1, 2021.

Pivotal Partner

Cvent Partner of the Year

This award recognizes Cvent Partners who harness the power of the Cvent platform to deliver unparalleled event experiences for their clients while overcoming challenges to the industry. These partners use event technology to demonstrate industry-leading expertise. They have created stellar virtual and/or in-person attendee experiences, improved efficiencies, and demonstrated clear return on investment for their clients.

Criteria:  Must be a travel, events, and meetings management agency with an active Cvent agreement.

Power of the Platform - Single Conference

Best Use of the Cvent Platform for a Single Conference

Event professionals know when it comes to managing an important and sophisticated large-scale conference, the technology they leverage is pivotal to its success. With the knowledge that disconnected point solutions can result in inefficiencies for both the organizer and the attendees, nominees in this category are fully embracing the power and flexibility of the Cvent event management platform. Using Cvent’s integrated solutions, they are able to manage the entire lifecycle of the conference in order to ultimately meet – and even exceed – their conference goals.  Moreover, they are able to measure the return on investment that the conference ultimately delivers.

Criteria: Must use three or more Cvent solutions/modules to power a single, complex conference.

Power of the Platform - Total Event Program

Best Use of the Cvent Platform across a Total Event Program

This award is for the talented event architect who harnesses the power of Cvent’s integrated solutions across their Total Event Program. They understand the vital importance of leveraging an entire event technology platform to expertly manage and execute internal and external events of all sizes, complexities, and event formats. An organization’s Total Event Program (TEP) consists of the vast majority of the meetings and events an organization hosts and attends, large and small, across all formats (virtual, in-person, and hybrid). In the new event landscape, these nominees rely on Cvent as the single source of truth to help power meetings and events of various types and formats, all while fostering new skills and strategies to create measurable impact for the business. For marketers and planners alike, the use of the platform helps maximize live engagement across the event channel to reach, engage, and convert their virtual, in-person, and hybrid attendees into customer leads and sales.

Criteria: Must show demonstrated use of Cvent solutions for internal and external events, including virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person.

*Please note if program includes all three event formats (virtual, hybrid, and in-person).

Cvent Superstar

Cvent Advocate of the Year

This individual “people’s choice” award is voted on by members of the Cvent Community. It recognizes a Cvent super user who leverages the Cvent platform to accelerate their organization’s success. These nominees can be found sharpening their skills through Cvent training and certifications or engaging with their peers through the Community. They have expanded their skillsets as event producers and technologists, actively breaking down silos to better enable their organization’s success. They may choose to take part in Cvent CONNECT, early adopter programs, speaking engagements, or marketing programs. No matter how they engage, nominees in this category are unmatched in their appreciation of—and passion for—spreading the power of the Cvent platform across their network.

Criteria:  Must be an active Cvent user.