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Ace of Spaces

Efficiently Sourcing Venues and Managing Space to Create Exceptional In-Person Events

Collaborating with venues is crucial to creating a successful event within budget that meets your goals. Nominees in this category use Cvent Exchange solutions to efficiently source venues through the Cvent Supplier Network, diagram space through Event Diagramming, or automate room block management through Passkey, all while maximizing their relationships with hotel and venue partners. They've seen quantifiable results through cost and time savings across their organization.

Criteria: Must use Cvent Supplier Network, Event Diagramming, and/or Passkey solutions for venue management and relations. May also use Vendor Marketplace, Onsite Solutions and/or the Mobile Event App onsite.

The Great Integrator

Best Use of Tech Stack Integrations

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in leveraging technology integrations with Cvent solutions, optimizing an organization’s tech stack to drive event success. This new accolade celebrates the seamless incorporation of diverse technologies, showcasing a sophisticated and well-coordinated approach that significantly contributes to the overall effectiveness of event planning and execution. Nominees have demonstrated innovative solutions, streamlined workflows, and a commitment to harnessing the full potential of integrated systems through the use of technology platform integrations with Cvent. They’re using these integrations to automate processes, elevate the attendee experience, and ensure the overall success of their events.

Criteria: Must use at least one technology integration with Cvent solutions to automate processes and demonstrate measurable efficiencies.

Marketing Mastermind

Best Marketing Strategy for Events

The Marketing Mastermind knows that event technology is an indispensable component of the marketing tech stack, playing a pivotal role in crafting successful events. They strategically implement Cvent to bolster their events program, utilizing innovative strategies to boost registration, attendance, and engagement. These experts not only recognize events as a critical channel within their organization's marketing strategy, but also excel in demonstrating their value. They employ cutting-edge event promotion techniques and multi-channel marketing strategies, all while elevating their brand.  Furthermore, their event marketing process is seamlessly automated and integrated within the organization’s marketing mix to drive measurable results.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to manage events. Must demonstrate how successful marketing of event program contributes to organizational success in measurable ways (ex: lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, retention, etc.).

Pivotal Partner

Cvent Partner of the Year

This award recognizes Cvent Partners who harness the power of the Cvent platform to create unparalleled event experiences for their clients. These partners use event technology to demonstrate industry-leading expertise to drive stellar attendee experiences, improve efficiencies, and demonstrate clear return on investment for their clients.

Criteria:  Must be a travel, events, and meetings management agency or Alliance Partner with an active Cvent agreement.

The Rookie

Cvent Rookie of the Year

It doesn’t take long to see positive changes in meetings and events at an organization that has rapidly and successfully implemented new technology. Nominees in this category may be new to the Cvent platform, but their strong adoption of Cvent technology is quickly transforming their event planning process. These nominees are already showing impressive results across their events portfolio and paving the way for further success within their organization.

Criteria: Must use one or more Cvent solutions to manage their organization’s events. Must have signed their first Cvent agreement no earlier than January 1, 2023.

Cvent Superstar

Cvent Advocate of the Year

This individual “people’s choice” award is voted on by members of the Cvent community, recognizing a single Cvent super user who is accelerating their organization’s success through the use of the platform. These advocates may be found strengthening their skills through Cvent’s training and certification, sharing their top tips in the Community, engaging in early adopter programs, or even sharing their Cvent experiences at industry events like Cvent CONNECT. Importantly, they’re enabling their organization’s success by promoting the power of Cvent technology and are unmatched in their appreciation of—and passion for—spreading the power of the platform across their network.

Criteria:  Must be an active Cvent user.

Power of the Platform: Single Event

Best Use of the Cvent Platform for a Single Event

Event technology is pivotal to the success of any important, complex event. Nominees in this category know disconnected point solutions can result in inefficiencies for both the organizer and attendees. They are therefore embracing the power of the Cvent platform to manage the entire event lifecycle and meet – or even exceed – their goals. They’re also using event tech to measure and prove event ROI.

Criteria: Must use three or more Cvent solutions/modules to power a single event.

Power of the Platform: Total Event Program

Best Use of the Cvent Platform across a Total Event Program

This award recognizes the talented event architect who uses Cvent solutions across their entire events program. They understand the critical role of an integrated event technology platform to skillfully manage events of all sizes and scopes. This includes the vast majority of the meetings and events an organization hosts and attends, large and small, across event formats. These nominees rely on Cvent as the single source of truth to help drive measurable impact and ROI for the business. They know the Cvent platform is an indispensable tool for marketers and event professionals alike who are optimizing the event channel to reach, engage, and convert attendees into customer leads and sales.  

Criteria: Must show demonstrated use of Cvent solutions across an organization’s events program.

The Impact Icon

Best Use of Cvent to Create Meaningful Impact

More than ever, event technology is helping to drive real-world impact. These nominees harness event tech to deliver powerful experiences and create measurable change. Whether they’re using Cvent solutions to create more accessible events, achieve sustainability goals, drive charitable donations, or mobilize attendee action for social good, they rely on Cvent to help power meaningful experiences that deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Criteria: Must be an active Cvent user utilizing one or more Cvent solutions.

Hotel & Planner Collaboration Award

Delivering Unparalleled Experiences

Collaborative relationships between event professionals and their choice hotel, hotel chain, venue, or destination marketing organization requires meaningful conversations and proactive problem-solving. This joint award honors hospitality organizations and event professionals who seamlessly create brilliant events, from the start of the sourcing process through the delivery of an exceptional attendee experience. They have demonstrated the effective use of technology to save time, create custom solutions, and provide critical flexibility.

Criteria: Must demonstrate how hospitality and event professionals collaboratively worked together to create exceptional event experiences. Please include details on Cvent solutions utilized in this process.

*Note this is a shared award between event and hospitality professionals.

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