Hospitality Professional Categories

In recognition of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding our industry during the global health crisis, we are closing all hospitality professional submissions for the 2021 Cvent Excellence Awards. We will instead be recognizing inspiring stories of resilience and dedication from across our industry during Cvent CONNECT. We look forward to once again honoring our industry leaders through the awards program in 2022. 

The Best in the U.S.

Cvent's Top U.S. Meetings Destination

Meetings and events are essential to businesses for training employees, engaging clients, and building strong relationships through person-to-person interactions. This award recognizes achievements in realizing measurable Return on Event through setting and exceeding goals, automating event communications, and maximizing attendance and response.

Criteria: The Best in the U.S. award is pre-determined based on the criteria mentioned above. Organizations are not eligible to apply for this award during the submission process.

The Block Buster

Excellence and Ingenuity with Room-Block Bookings

Tapping into the power of room block management isn't an easy feat. That's why we're recognizing the creativity and innovation required to "think outside the block." This award celebrates hoteliers that deploy unique tactics to promote, upsell, and drive extended group stays from their room block bookings. Nominees in this category not only create opportunities to drive group business revenue, but they deliver superior planner experiences that help them effortlessly manage events.

Criteria: Use Passkey.

The Business Intelligencer

Outstanding Achievement in Hospitality Analytics

Data science represents a boundless frontier that's constantly changing the way we do business. This award recognizes pioneers in the hospitality industry who are charting the business insights and intelligence frontier and cutting a path for others to follow. By establishing strategic analytics programs, systems, and processes, these nominees boost marketing performance, improve sales conversions, yield process efficiencies, and ultimately increase the value of their group business.

The Group Game Changer

Best Group Sales and Marketing Strategy

Being at the forefront of sales and marketing means pushing boundaries and evolving new models to firmly position your organization as a leader. This is true not just in hospitality, but across all industries. The Group Game Changer award honors the hospitality organization that consistently delivers superior results across their group sales and marketing programs. These nominees develop and execute creative and targeted strategies with compelling branding, engaging messaging, innovative channel tactics, and best-in-class sales competencies.

The Experience Engineer

Master of Creating Scalable Event Experiences

Hosting events that draw attendees and make lasting impressions means evolving events into experiences. The Experience Engineer elevates traditional events and meetings with unique activations that consistently captivate and excite hosts and attendees. Whether these engineers architect hands-on activities, interactive challenges, unexpected surprises or bleeding-edge educational elements, they have all mastered the art of creating experiences that are unforgettable, but also easy to book, plan and execute at scale.

Criteria: Must use Kapow.

The Clever Collaborator

Executes Seamless Collaboration Experiences

Typically, the event planner and the client are thought of as the nexus of an event's plan and execution—but great events are impossible without the collaboration and flexibility of seasoned hospitality professionals. The Clever Collaborator is chief among these individuals, whose responsibilities are never the same (from organizing catering teams to coordinating with clients to ensuring the rigging is where it's supposed to be), but whose goal never changes: to ensure all parties, most of all the attendees, come away from an experience having had their expectations far exceeded.

Criteria: Must use Cvent Social Tables.

The Wedding Whisperer

Most Inspiring Venue for Couples

Putting couples at ease during the venue selection process, planning and fulfillment of a customized wedding and associated events requires strategic skill, passion for the business and a dash of creativity, commitment, and heart. It requires the seamless ability of pedigreed hospitality maestros to skillfully navigate both the needs of the customer while leveraging available resources.The Wedding Whisperer demonstrates a balanced commitment to curating and managing an engaging Wedding Spot profile, utilizes available tools and analytics while excelling at bringing high-touch, intimate weddings and special events to life.

Criteria: Must use Wedding Spot.