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The Portfolio Powerhouse

Exceptional Portfolio Management

This award recognizes a chain, brand, management company, or ownership group delivering unparalleled results at the portfolio and property levels. These finalists use technology to drive brand awareness and demand, support integration and data protection, and increase revenue optimization. The workflows and processes they implement increase efficiency at scale and deliver seamless experiences for their clients.

Criteria: Must use CSN Advertising, CSN Passkey, CSN Business Intelligence, or CSN Productivity Tools.

The Block Buster

Excellence and Ingenuity with Room-Block Bookings

This award celebrates hospitality professionals that use technology to simplify the task – and opportunity – of room block management. As a result, they’re able to easily promote, upsell, and drive extended group stays directly from their room block bookings. Nominees in this category drive group business revenue and deliver a more efficient planner experience. ​ 

Criteria: Must use Cvent Passkey.

The Business Intelligencer

Outstanding Achievement in Hospitality Analytics

Data science is changing the way hotels and venues approach group business. This award recognizes hospitality organizations that use business intelligence to create new opportunities for sales and marketing teams. By establishing real-time analytics programs, systems, and processes, these nominees boost marketing effectiveness, improve sales conversions, and ultimately increase the value of their meetings and events business. ​

Criteria: Must use CSN Business Intelligence. May also use CSN Productivity Tools​.

The Group Game Changer

Best Group Sales and Marketing Strategy

Being at the forefront of sales and marketing requires a relentless focus on results and the ability to adapt to a changing market. The Group Game Changer honors hospitality organizations that consistently deliver superior results across their sales and marketing programs through the application of technology and business intelligence. These nominees execute targeted strategies with creative branding, engaging messaging, innovative channel tactics, and best-in-class sales competencies.​

Criteria: Must use CSN Advertising or Venue Directory. May also use CSN Business Intelligence, Cvent Event Diagramming, Smart Custom Proposals, or hotel website solutions.​

The Clever Collaborator

Seamless Collaboration with Event Diagramming

This award celebrates those who power collaboration between a planner, venue, and vendor to new levels, and in doing so create an experience that exceeds all expectations. To these experts, the goal remains the same: use real-time communication to ensure that all parties have the right information, at the right time, and on the right platform.  ​ 

Criteria: Must use Cvent Event Diagramming.

The Hometown Hero

Destination Marketing Excellence

This award goes to the destination marketing organization (DMO) that best uses technology to increase awareness of their area and provide critical support to hotels and venues. They’re experts at using technology to bring new events to their corner of the world, and they excel at connecting event professionals with the hotels and venues that best meet their needs. This DMO is at the forefront of meetings and events growth and recovery for their destination. ​

Criteria: Must use CSN Advertising and/or CSN Business Intelligence.

Cvent Superstar

Hospitality Cloud Advocate of the Year

Recognizes a hotel, chain, venue or destination user who leverages the Cvent platform to accelerate their organization’s success. These nominees can be found sharpening their skills through Cvent training and certifications or engaging with their peers through the Community. They may choose to take part in Cvent CONNECT, early adopter programs, speaking engagements, or marketing programs. No matter how they engage, nominees in this category are unmatched in their appreciation of—and passion for—spreading the power of the Cvent platform across their network. ​

Criteria: Must be an active Cvent user.

Hotel & Planner Collaboration Award

Delivering Unparalleled Experiences

Collaborative relationships between event professionals and their choice hotel, hotel chain, venue, or destination marketing organization requires meaningful conversations and proactive problem-solving. This joint award honors hospitality organizations and event professionals who seamlessly create brilliant events, from the start of the sourcing process through the delivery of an exceptional attendee experience. They have demonstrated the effective use of technology to save time, create custom solutions, and provide critical flexibility.

Criteria: Must demonstrate how hospitality and event professionals collaboratively worked together to create exceptional event experiences. Please include details on Cvent solutions utilized in this process.

*Note this is a shared award between event and hospitality professionals.

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