Join over 200,000 active users in more than 100 countries who power their meetings and events with Cvent technology.

End-to-end Solution

Be confident in knowing that Cvent gives you the tools you need to run your event from start to finish.

Award Winning Support

Easy access to Cvent’s award-winning support to ensure your success.

Industry Leading Features

Create professional event websites and registration with our all-new Event Build Wizard.


Event Planning Software For All Your Events

Our event management platform gives you the tools you need to plan and execute great events

  • Increase attendance with a modern event website and marketing tools
  • Manage all your event's details in one location
  • Measure your success with integrated analytics
  • No event creation limit

Professional Event Websites Made Easy

The Live Site Designer lets you design and create events all in one place

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • See what you’re building in real-time
  • Intuitive controls

Customisable Website Themes

Quickly create the perfect look and feel of every page element you can think of for your brand. Style once. Apply all.

  • Customise modern site themes
  • Brand all pages automatically
  • Standardise and save styling elements

Built For All Devices

Dynamic display allows your sites to look great on every device right out of the box. Every device access will help convert more site visitors into registrations.

  • Optimal viewing for any device
  • Customize for devices as needed
  • Developed for event organisers with event organisers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the Event Management trial?

Signing up is easy. Simply click HERE and we’ll immediately send you an email so you can activate your account.

Who is eligible for a trial account?

Anyone can sign up for a trial. If you are already a Cvent Event Management customer, check your account first as you may already have access to the functionality available in the trial.

Access to, and usage of, Cvent services are governed by Cvent’s Terms of Use, available HERE

In which countries is the trial available?

There are no geographic restrictions for trial sign up. The trial supports multiple languages and currencies.

I'm already a Cvent customer, can I sign up for a trial?

Yes. However, if you’re already a Cvent Event Management customer, you may want to check your account as you may already have access to the functionality available in the trial.

What's included in the trial?

The trial allows you to use all of the features available in the Generally Available (GA) version of the Professional Edition of Cvent Event Management. You can find a list of included features and capabilities HERE.

When you are ready to launch your event and start capturing live registrations, simply select the payment option that’s best for you. You can either enter your credit card and banking information when prompted and start capturing registrations right away, or feel free to contact us to inquire about other payment options.

How long is the trial / When does my trial expire?

You can continue to build and design events for as long as you would like. All events you create remain in your account as long as your account is active. However, if you haven’t logged into your account for 90 consecutive days, we will notify you via email and give you one last chance to continue to use it. If you don’t need the account any longer, we’ll delete your events and all content in your account for security purposes.”

What support do I get during the trial?

We are here to help make sure your events are successful. We provide 24/7 support and a robust community of help content to guide you through the use of Cvent Event Management.

  • When logged into your account, click on “Help & Support” or Cvent Community” in the top navigation to access our knowledge base
  • Visit for video tutorials and other helpful resources
I'd like to purchase Cvent. How do I get more information on Cvent’s pricing?

Cvent offers two payment options: pay-as-you-go and contract. Once you are ready to launch your event, you’ll see pricing options and can pick the plan that’s best for you. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to simply enter your credit card and banking information and get started right away. If you have more complex event needs and/or can predict your annual volume of registrations, a contract pricing may be a better fit. If you need help deciding what option is best for you, feel free to contact us.

What if I still have questions?

Visit us at if you need more information. You can also visit us at for additional trial related resources.