Event Planning Solution for Event Organizers and Planners

As a third party planner and organiser you can use Cvent's event management software to quickly plan simple and complex events, add that extra zing to your event experience, and take your events virtual when you need to.

Our Event Management platform does more than just automating your processes and saving you time. It helps you become more efficient with streamlined workflows, create events that stand out, and boost business growth.

Whether you are planning an event six months from now, or looking to make a quick pivot to the virtual space, Cvent's event management solution will give your clients the confidence they need, and you the robust planning engine you've always wanted.


Creating Better Virtual Events with Integrated Solutions

When physical events are not possible, Cvent’s integrated solutions can help you shift to the virtual space by taking care of all your online marketing and management needs. Here’s how Cvent helps you maximise the impact of your virtual events:

  • Drive attendance, process registrations, and capture actionable insights
  • Use Cvent’s mobile app for dynamic scheduling, to maximise engagement, and to retain sponsor revenue
  • Have a complete view of your attendees' event activity history
  • Transfer actionable event data seamlessly to your marketing tech stack and CRM system
  • Understand how all events are impacting sales pipeline and closed business
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your total events program

Cvent integrates with virtual meeting platforms like:

Cvent integrates with many web conferencing platforms

With our Event Management Solution, you can:

Find the perfect venue

Use the Cvent Supplier Network to find the ideal location and venue for events. The Cvent Supplier Network connects meeting and event planners to 255,000+ venues worldwide and allows them to send one eRFP to multiple properties at once.

Get bulk discounts

Negotiate better deals with suppliers by qualifying for bulk discounts across multiple clients. This allows event agencies to earn higher ROI.

Create branded websites

Brand each of your event websites individually to make them an extension of your client's websites. You can create beautiful event websites customised to match your client’s event branding. No HTML knowledge required.

Increase attendance

Create multifaceted marketing campaigns surrounding your clients’ events. Generate greater attendance and more cost savings for your clients and ask for higher fees for your services.

Check in delegates onsite

Better manage onsite registration by checking in your clients' delegates with the OnArrival check-in app. The app automatically syncs all the data with Cvent's event management platform.

Engage delegates

Enable your delegates to engage more with each other, with you and the content through mobile event apps and SocialWall. Using SocialWall, create a twitter feed or a live feed for Instagram photos at your client’s conference or event to spark excitement and engagement.

Generate revenue for clients

Leverage sponsorship opportunities built in the event app to create a new revenue source for your clients. Mobile event app offers rich engagement opportunities to your clients’ sponsors, exhibitors and vendors.

Event reporting

Gain thorough insights into your clients' events by measuring key statistics for one event or across multiple events. Access over 100 standard reports, including wait lists, response rates per target list, participants, email forwarding, registration by week, balance due, etc.

Integrate with CRM tools

Integrate with leading CRM tools like Salesforce or Marketo to exchange data during any stage of the event lifecycle. The seamless flow of data allows your clients to save time and improve accuracy by eliminating manual entry.

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