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Parked Reports Testimonial

Parked Reports are a great way to share data with stakeholders who are not Cvent users. Create a report in the system on anything from registration counts to budgets, and park it online at a password-protected Cvent URL. Those with access will see up-to-the-minute data whenever they like without having to trouble the meeting planner.

Parked Reports

"A lot of times the clients want things when they want it. For example, if they want a report on how many people are already signed up, it's very easy for me to create a report, to park it using Cvent's tool so that the client can access it 24/7."
Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc.

"The parked reports have been a huge time saver for us. We used to have about 50 staff contacting us asking us who is registered, who is coming to their dinner, who's coming to their breakfast. This way we can just send out the parked reports link. They can check it themselves."
Melissa Boyle, U.S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops

"They can access any information they need that's related to the report. It keeps it all in one place."
Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc.

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