Put yourself in control of your meetings and events program

Simplify, customize and optimize your fully branded event portal to meet the unique needs of your organization. Access Portal is designed to be as nimble or robust as you need it.

Access Portal Meeting Request Form

Submit meeting request forms

These customizable online questionnaires allow you and others in your organization to ditch the paper trail, better track data, and ultimately improve efficiency when it comes to planning a meeting from start to finish.

Access Portal Meeting Policy

Showcase meeting policy & standards

Making sure everyone is on the same page has never been easier. Post your organization’s meeting policies and guidelines in your event managementTM portal so you can make sure everyone is aware of company policy, contacts, or other critical information.

Access Portal Reports

View and run reports

Big decisions are best backed with accurate, comprehensive data. Keep your boss and stakeholders informed by providing them easy access to the data from Cvent that they need.

Access Portal Calendars

House event calendars

Keep track of all your organization’s upcoming events by listing them out here, for everyone to see, with all important details included.