Harness the power of event data.

Before, during, and after your events, your attendees are giving you valuable information…if you’re listening. The best way to get a solid return on your events (ROE) is to take advantage of technology that captures that data through the entire event lifecycle, helps you distill it in actionable ways, and sets you on the path for success.

Cvent helps you capture the attendee journey through all phases of their interaction with you; “pre-event” (registration, email communications), “during-event” (session attendance, instant mobile feedback, social posts) and “post-event” (surveys and analytics), creating a treasure trove of information you can use to identify new leads, and convert existing ones, all in a single platform.


Gather data during email marketing campaigns, website registrations and more.

Attendance Tracking

Measure attendee interest in sessions, booth traffic and more.

Instant Feedback

Get real time feedback on content and topics.


Pre- and post-survey data to ensure your experience exceeds expectations.