Strategic Meetings Management For Dummies

Cvent Special Edition

Manage meetings systematically.


Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is a systematic way to manage all your organisation’s events, planning processes, preferred vendors, and meetings data. Deploying an SMM program helps ensure that your organisations meetings and events truly align with overarching strategic goals and the organisational vision.In these pages, you learn about the key components of an SMM program and how technology is one of the most important keys to its success. You find out how to get started, how to create a meeting policy, how to roll out the program and track its effectiveness, how to take it global, and how it can be tailored to specific industries. This book reflects the wisdom of experts in the field of Strategic Meetings Management, eager to share with you their knowledge of SMM and enthusiasm for what it can do for your organisation.

Download the ebook to get these powerful insights:

  • Create a meetings strategy
  • Streamline your planning processes
  • Choose the right technology
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Automate measurement and reporting
  • Show a return on investment
  • Deploy your program globally!