February 21, 2022
By Ridhima Krishan

As we move into 2022 and look back at 2021, it was a year like no other. As an industry, we saw a year of adaptation and growth, from virtual to hybrid and then slowly moving back to safer in-person events.

Despite the slow return of in-person meetings, the need for social connections increased. Everyone learned how important it is to build a sense of community and belonging. Cvent Community played a key role throughout the year to help Cvent users learn, expand, and reflect on the state of the industry while the world continues to evolve.

The Cvent Community brought people together so members could engage, learn, and seek solutions from one another. Our community members started last year with so much energy and optimism. We learned better ways of collaborating and reaching greater heights of success. 2021 was a significant year for the Cvent Community and it set-up a foundation for us to continue enhancing the experience for your benefit.

Let’s look back at the journey of Cvent Community and its members in 2021!

The Huddle of the Week

Our industry is ever-changing and adapting, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. Discuss the latest trends and future state of meetings and events through our Huddle of the Week discussion series, posted every Monday.

Users contributed to industry discussion questions shared every week through the #HuddleoftheWeek and #VoiceIt tag.

Some top huddle topics from 2021:

Tip of the Week

Everyone has their favourite product hack or go-to tip when using the Cvent platform.

Since our Community – both customers and Cvent Staff – is full of Cvent product experts, the Tip of the Week series promotes continuous learning and product awareness. New users can learn from their peers and Cvent experts through this weekly discussion post, which is shared every Wednesday! 

Users browsed through the tips and tricks shared every week through the #CventTip tag.

Some of the top tips from 2021:

Share and Tell

Share industry do’s and don’ts that you have learned from executing your events. This series is by the customers, for the customers. It focuses on best practices and adapting to the changes in the industry through real-life stories. Keep an eye out for the next edition of Share and Tell series in the Open Forum.

Users ensured that their peers could see the story and easily find important advice by using #shareandtell in their discussion posts.

Check out top posts from 2021:

Ask the Expert Series

Our ‘Ask the Expert’ live sessions provide a great opportunity to connect and ask thought-provoking questions of industry leaders and Cvent product experts. These one-hour, interactive Q&A discussions are hosted in the Open Forum so you can get your questions answered by industry experts in real-time. 

Community Tip: Get your product and industry questions answered live from our experts by using the #AsktheExpert tag.

Revisit the sessions from 2021:


Users on Cvent Community have another great way to voice their thoughts through weekly opinion polls in the Open Forum. Listen and learn about industry trends directly from your peers.

Community Tip: Don’t forget to visit the Community Open Forum to check out the latest poll. Cast your vote to help our community get a pulse on what the industry is saying. 

Some of the top questions for polling in 2021: 

  • When are you expecting the "Live Events" to return to 100%?
  • How will you maximize your Hybrid events ROI?
  • Do marketing strategies need to be different for a hybrid event than a live event?
  • Which of the following according to you is the major factor to enhance conference experience for hybrid events?
  • Which of the following according to you is the biggest advantage of hosting a virtual event?
  • How are you approaching 2022 event planning?

Product News

Hear firsthand about Cvent product updates and releases each week to stay on top of your event game. Product News helps members optimize their use of Cvent products. With great product enhancements happening every week, we've made it easier for you to find it all in once place. 

Community Tip: Add Product News to your stated interests within your profile settings to get the latest updates right to your inbox. Use #ProductNews tag to locate more Open Forum discussion posts.

2021 product enhancement highlights:

Connect, Network, and Collaborate:

In the Cvent Community, customers voice their opinions about anything, and everything related to our industry and Cvent products. There are several freshly brewed weekly discussions in the Open Forum for users to connect with industry peers, discuss best practices, share questions with others, and stay in the know about the latest industry trends. As we enter 2022, don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and grow along with your peers in the Community.

It's super easy to log in – Click here to log in with your standard credentials, then click the "Community" link in the top right-hand corner. Meet you in the Community soon!

Ridhima Krishan

Ridhima is a Customer Marketer at Cvent, working towards building a seamless experience for customers through platforms such as Cvent Celebrity and Cvent Community. She loves following brands and their campaigns that are disrupting the marketing world. Outside of work, you will find her with a cup of coffee – painting or exploring good cinematic content.

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