July 01, 2022
By Ridhima Krishan

The pandemic bridged the geographical gap while strengthening the power of community across the globe with virtual networking and events. At Cvent, we started an exciting new programme called Community User Groups. Here, you’ll find flexible and engaging ways you can connect with others at any time. To help mitigate Zoom fatigue, there are several great ways you can now connect with your industry peers on one platform through the Cvent Community.

With the exciting return of in-person events, we want to ensure you’re able to network and share insights with like-minded Cvent users in a way that you’re most comfortable with.  That’s why we launched our User Groups directly in the Cvent Community. This platform provides our customers a place to connect and learn with industry professionals and Cvent users, on the go!

Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute

Community User Groups are customer-driven groups that provide a collaborative space with like-minded peers for networking, thought leadership, knowledge swapping, and maximising Cvent usage. Through this personalised experience, customers can voice their opinions on the topics that are most important to them. While user group members can engage directly with one another in the Community – anytime and anywhere - this also gives you the flexibility to connect in-person or virtually as well.

Succeed and Grow Together

We started Community User Groups with a vision to help like-minded customers succeed through peer-to-peer discussions, brainstorming sessions, sharing best practices, and creating personal connections. When diverse mindsets come together, there’s more room for ideation and learning. In return, this helps us better map customer feedback and insights to continue improving our products and services.

Lead and Influence Others with Your Expertise

At Cvent, customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in empowering you with as many opportunities to help lead and influence your peers as possible. The Community User Groups are designed to create a safe space for customers to lead, inspire, and influence others in their own way! Here, customers have the freedom to join an existing user group or even create a new one depending on their interests.

Explore our Community User Groups

Check out the great user groups we already have below or suggest a new user group based on your interests!

  • Cvent Beginners User Group: Join this user group if you’re new to Cvent or revisiting the platform for the first time in a while. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks, knowledge sharing, the chance to connect with other users, and much more.
  • Higher Education User Group: This is the place for you if you work in higher education and are looking to connect with other users familiar with the industry. Join this group to get the best and the most relevant content specific to the higher education industry.
  • Non-Profit Organisation or Association User Group: For those who work in a non-profit organisation or association, this group is for you. The goal of this user group is to connect you with other Cvent users within your industry where you can share best practices, ideas, solutions, and use cases.
  • System Admins User Group: If you are involved with setting up backends and working on meeting workflows, this is the place for you. You’ll have the opportunity to share, connect with other users, pick up helpful tips and tricks, and more.
  • Not sure where you belong? If you’re unable to find the perfect fit for your needs in any of our current user groups, don’t worry! You can easily request a new user group by filling out this brief form.

Join a User Group today!

Ready to get started? It’s easy to join a Community User Group! Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to Cvent Community here with your standard credentials

Step 2: Click on the Community User Group banner on the home page or visit this direct link for Community User Groups

Step 3: Explore the user groups that are of interest and click on ‘Join the User Group’.

And that’s it!  We’re excited to welcome you to your user group.

Thrive in the Cvent ecosystem with Community User Groups!

With the events industry and technology rapidly evolving, staying relevant has become even more important. Community User Groups are a flexible platform created entirely for our customers and driven by our customers. We love to succeed together by offering a personalised space to help support you as you grow in your career. Join us as we learn, connect, have fun, and grow together in the Cvent ecosystem.

Ridhima Krishan

Ridhima is a Customer Marketer at Cvent, working towards building a seamless experience for customers through platforms such as Cvent Celebrity and Cvent Community. She loves following brands and their campaigns that are disrupting the marketing world. Outside of work, you will find her with a cup of coffee – painting or exploring good cinematic content.

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