October 21, 2021
By Riya Gupta

It’s safe to say that the event industry has evolved quite a bit in the face of the pandemic. Organisations have been put in a spot to build a flexible event strategy (TEP or Total Event Programme, if you may) that encompasses a mix of event types and formats. 

Now more than ever, the need for a single platform to build the TEP is unavoidable. And it should be a platform that can not only handle events of any scale and complexity but also all modes of delivery: in-person, virtual, hybrid and, the 4th mode  on-demand.  

At Cvent, our vision has always been building a single platform flexible and powerful enough to build a Total Event Programme. As part of this commitment, we bring to you our latest offering, Cvent Studio™, which we will be unveiling at our upcoming event on 28 October.  

Here are 5 reasons why this event is unmissable:

  1. Power your TEP – We saw a great shift to virtual events in 2020. Now that we are well-versed with how to power virtual events, we should adapt a more flexible approach and think about all event types – virtual, hybrid or in-person – holistically. Listen to our experts talk about how to do just that and explore event opportunities in the horizon. 

  1. Launch of Cvent Studio – The key to hosting an unforgettable virtual event is to amp up the production quality of presentations to keep attendees engaged and focussed. That's exactly what our newest solution, Cvent Studio, can help with. Cvent Studio is our all-new video production tool that is designed to cater to your total events programme. Join this event to learn how our latest tool will help bring your content to life and aid you in getting the most from your sessions. And don't just take our word for it, as all sessions of this event will also be produced by Cvent Studio so you'll get to see the proof of its magic with your own eyes.

  1. Future Roadmap – We'll uncover exciting new developments that will help manage your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, as well as numerous innovations across our core platform to help you better execute and enhance the impact of your meetings and events. As you look to build your future strategy, Cvent solutions ensure that, no matter when or how your event programme evolves, you’ll be ready. 

  1. Interact with Event Planners and Experts – Join the fireside chat and get your questions answered from Cvent experts. Session chats will be active throughout, where you can also connect will event professionals like you from across the world.  

  1. Experience a best-in-class event for free – Register to access exciting content from our experts for free. And if that's not enough, we also have a fun activity lined up at the end that will give you the chance to win some exciting prizes! 

So don’t wait any longer to register for this fully virtual, can’t-miss event! 


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