Be a Part of Cvent’s Award-Winning Program

Cvent Celebrity was recognised as the most engaged customer advocate program by Influitive, an industry leader driving companies to put their customer advocates at the heart of their business.

Our award-winning program will enrich your knowledge of everything Cvent, help you stay relevant with industry news at your fingertips, and allow you to make an impact on Cvent’s products. Find out why 5,000 members and counting have joined Cvent Celebrity.

How Cvent Celebrity Works

Complete Challenges and Earn Points

New challenges or activities are posted weekly. Discover new technology trends, Cvent product updates, new industry developments, upcoming webinars, and relevant blogs to help you advance your career as a Cvent expert.

Earn special badges and grow your skills as you expand your Cvent knowledge.

Connect with Like-Minded Users

Easily connect with fellow Cvent users at the forefront of the industry. Ask questions and get direct answers.

Stay informed of upcoming Cvent-hosted events in your area so you can amplify your professional network.

Redeem Points for Exciting Rewards

Cash in your points for professional development rewards or treat yourself to something fun! Choose from LinkedIn Professional upgrade, and Cvent Certifications.

You can also get exclusive gifts like Amazon Echo, GoPro Hero 5, and more! Choose the reward that’s right for you.

Why We Love Our Cvent Celebrities

We recognise that passionate and engaged customers like you are our most valuable asset and our brightest voice in the market.

Our Celebrities:

  • Shape the future of our products
  • Share positive experiences
  • Are trusted advisors
  • Help us grow