January 03, 2023
By Madison Howard

Color is difficult. Don’t let it fool you. If you're not conforming to strict brand standards, choosing the ideal color for your event registrations site can be very challenging. It isn’t easy to mix and match to create the right mood. So help yourself out by keeping it simple. As you choose your colors, stick to choosing just three. You want to have enough color on your event website that it’s visually pleasing, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. Knowing what a few basic color definitions and what feelings colors convey can help you choose event website color.

“I believe that color affects people’s moods” – Lilly Pulitzer

Terms to Know

Primary Color: The color that takes up the most space on the page.

Secondary Color: A contrasting color. It is used to draw attention and drive primary actions on the page, such as click here or read more.

Accent Color: Color that is there to add a splash of color as needed.

The Colors

You may not realize it, but colors have meanings. They can be used to invoke different feelings. It’s important to have a basic understanding of what the different colors mean as you go to pick your event website theme colors.

Red Roses


Red is the color of passion and drama. It attracts more attention than other colors. It's stimulating, vibrant, and exciting.

orange slices


Believe it or not, orange is the color of encouragement. It conveys excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.


Bright and sunny, yellow is the color of optimism. It conveys success and confidence. Yellow is the color of youth and energy.

Green clovers


This is the color of growth and health. It is refreshing and peaceful and conveys security and safety.

Blue Waves


The color of trust, blue conveys tranquility, serenity, and peace. It is the color of loyalty and integrity. Blue is commonly chosen by technology companies.

Violet Tulips


The color of sophistication, violet conveys sensitivity and compassion. Violet is the color of quality, luxury, and royalty.

Wondering how to choose your website font? Read How to Choose Your Event Website Font.

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