The 2021 Guide to Digital Marketing for Hotels

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Digital marketing is a complex machine with many moving parts and constantly evolving trends. With new and improved ways of creating and sharing information always on the rise, it can be hard to keep up. But it’s crucial to lean into digital marketing and continue investing in digital platform presence to stay relevant with your audience and attract prospective planners and customers.

In this ebook, we highlight how to help you build a strong foundation in digital marketing and stay apprised of the latest trends so that you can maximise your marketing outcomes. Treat it as a guide for you to reference when you have questions about the fundamental aspects of digital marketing. We provide thorough recommendations on navigating all parts of the digital marketing journey, from SEO to email marketing to video marketing and beyond. 

The 2021 Guide to Digital Marketing for Hotels

Read the ebook to learn how to increase MICE and transient bookings through digital marketing strategies with proven techniques and real-world examples, including:

  • What you can do right now to improve your SEO.
  • Ideas for thought leadership content and how to improve your content marketing.
  • A checklist for effective marketing emails.
  • Best practices for social media based on the platform.
  • 5 simple tips for how to make a marketing video.
  • ...and so much more!