2023 Cvent Top Lists: Get Insights from Cvent’s Top Meeting Hotels in APAC and MEA

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What does it take to be the best of the best?

When it comes to hotels, these properties know how to excel. They know event professionals—what they want, where they look, and how to give them what they need. They market themselves where event planners are sourcing and ensure they put their best foot forward. They play to their strengths, book events that work well in their space, and bring in planners who specialise in them. 

Cvent analysed sourcing data from the Cvent Supplier Network to find the top 50 meeting hotels in Asia Pacific in 2023. From metrics like total RFPs received and conversion rate, we selected the top-performing hotels. Then we picked their brains about their successful business practices. 

We learned that these hotels: 

  • Go above and beyond on both big and small tasks 
  • Prioritise efficiency, transparency, and communication 
  • Commit to growing and evolving as the industry changes 
  • Focus on visuals and making an impact upfront 

For more of their top tips to help you become the best of the best in the MICE industry, download the new eBook, check success stories and insights from the hotels that are at the top of Cvent Top Lists. 


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