8 Rules of Automation for Hospitality Sales and Marketing Professionals'

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It’s a whole new world of meetings and events in 2023… sort of. In-person is back in a big way, but hotels and venues are still dealing with staffing issues and a looming recession. You have to manage more business—even more than in 2019—with fewer staff and a relatively lower budget. So what do you do? Automation is key.

Automation can be your best friend this year and going forward. Automation saves you time, so you and your limited team can turn your attention to more pressing matters, like working with planners or answering guest concerns. Automation means you can successfully manage all of the new group business you’re bringing in this year so you can meet the moment.

Take a sneak peek at the automation highlights for 2023:

  • Use tech to prioritise leads so that you can focus on the most important first
  • Sell event planners on their vision of the event with easy custom event diagrams
  • Simplify and streamline your room block management process
  • Get real-time insights into your own group business and your competitors

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