October 30, 2018
By Amrutha Sarayu

You don’t change a classic” – that’s what they say. Because there are some things that are perfect just the way they are.

While this may be true of The Beatles, leather jackets or champagne, there are some things that can be good and still be made better. You should not change a classic, but you can certainly refine it. Case in point: our event management solution.

The difference between a good event and an awesome one is the experience you offer. And an awesome experience requires awesome planning, where you get even the littlest of details right. For years, we have offered a quality event management solution to power events and automate the entire planning process. With our recently redesigned event management solution, we give planners more than that. We now give them more control over the details, removing the friction between various elements of planning and providing them greater dominion over the details that matter. This gives them greater visibility, enabling them to respond more easily and do a lot more.

Cvent’s reimagined solution provides planners the power and flexibility to build beautiful events of any size, shape or complexity — with little or no knowledge of coding required! It’s never been easier to make your events what you want them to be.

Planners can now simplify the event website creation experience in the following areas:

Registration Management: With full control over the registration process, planners can customise the registration path based on their business or industry needs. You can build something as simple as a one-page form or create something that accommodates multiple attendee types and profiles.

Build: The widget-based interface with its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to generate and place content, with all the necessary tools in one place. Live preview functionality eliminates the guesswork and provides constant visual feedback as the planner builds the event website.

Design: Planners get more freedom to create event websites that match their organisation’s branding. The site designer lets planners easily change any styling element, including typography, colours, borders, backgrounds, and more.

Experience: The newly-improved solution builds on an extensive user research to provide both the planner and the event attendee with an enjoyable experience, whether creating the site on the back-end, or navigating the attendee-facing event site.

Sign up for our Cvent Event Management Free-Trial today! Get your hands on our new, intuitive and flexible solution to see how effortless and enjoyable building, designing and managing the event website and registration process can really be.

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Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha is a content writer and marketer at Cvent. She mainly writes about the meetings and events industry, with a special focus on technology that is designed for making the lives of planners easier.

When not writing, she can be found taking part in reading challenges or watching food videos on YouTube. 

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