Build high-quality webinars in minutes

Build a webinar in minutes

Easily create your webinar with just a few pieces of information.

Level up with director tools

Choose your background, switch layouts, and add lower thirds.

Engage your attendees

Use chat, emojis, reactions, Q&A, upvoting, polls, and surveys.

Showcase your brand

Customize your webinar experience with brand colors and logos.

Webinar platform screenshot showcasing features such as attendee chat, backstage access and polls

Manage all aspects of your webinar in one place

Webinar software presentation types include Studio Broadcast, Collaborative, and Simulive

Choose from three webinar presentation types

All presentation types include engagement features like live chat, screen sharing, Q&A, and polls. 

  • Studio broadcast: Produce a live, one-way professional presentation with enhanced branding and visual control
  • Collaborative: Facilitate a live, two-way presentation with the option to collaborate with attendees on screen
  • Simulive: Simulate a live presentation using the automated playback of an on-demand webinar
Elevate your webinar with cvent webinar production tools

Elevate your webinar with production tools

  • Customize backgrounds with preloaded options or your own
  • Create lower thirds, switch between layouts, and use smooth transitions
  • Simplify your speakers’ experience with a backstage, speaker-only chat, and access to the attendee chat, Q&A, and polls
Interface showing brand customization options for Cvent Webinar to showcase your brand

Effortlessly showcase your brand

  • Upload your logo and customize the experience to your exact company colors
  • Choose from a light, regular, or dark aesthetic for your registration website and webinar page
  • Carry your branding over to all your webinar touchpoints, including email
Cvent Webinar software's attendee engagement features including Chat and Q&A

Maximize attendee engagement

  • Make your webinar experience more than just a broadcast with tools to engage and entertain your attendees
  • Use interactive features like chat, emojis, reactions, Q&A, upvoting, polls, and surveys
  • Keep attendees engaged after the webinar with on-demand viewing access
Cvent Webinar platform analytics dashboard for post-webinar insights including registration and attendance, plus integrations with Hubspot and Zapier

Optimize your webinar with integrations and insights

  • Use real-time data to keep a pulse on your webinar performance
  • View reports on registration, attendance, and attendance duration 
  • Use out-of-the-box marketing automation and CRM integrations

One webinar platform for any event type

From marketing webinars to internal meetings, Cvent Webinar is flexible and powerful enough to handle any type of event.

integrate Zapier and HubSpot with webinar software to send leads to sales and marketing in real time

With custom backgrounds, lower thirds, and multiple content layouts, your webinar can look highly polished with minimal effort. Use Zapier and HubSpot integrations to send leads to sales and marketing in real time.

Help attendees retain more information during presentations with interactive webinar features

Help attendees retain more information during presentations with interactive features. Easily review attendance and engagement reports to evaluate course completion.

Keep employees engaged with webinar software feature including emojis, Q&A, upvoting and more

Keep your employees excited and motivated at town halls and team building events with chat, emojis, reactions, Q&A, upvoting, and more. Transition seamlessly between speakers and screenshares.

Pick the webinar plan that's right for you

Whether you’re hosting a simple webinar or going all out for your attendees, Cvent Webinar has a plan for you.

Webinar Pro

  • 1,000 registrations per webinar 
  • Supports one user
  • 24x7 phone support for live webinars
  • Integrations with Zapier and HubSpot

Webinar Premium

  • 5,000 registrations per webinar
  • Supports 3+ users
  • 24x7 phone support for live webinars, onboarding, and customer support
  • Ability to integrate with Zapier, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce
interface of webinar tool showing several people talking, along with highlights of specific product features like session feedback and chat.

Frequently asked questions

What is a webinar?

Webinars are online events or meetings that can be hosted by a single person or presented by a panel of experts who share their knowledge on a particular topic. Webinars provide an opportunity for attendees to learn from experts in a convenient and cost-effective way. 

Webinars typically last 30-60 minutes and are held primarily to generate leads, educate audiences on specific topics, or to serve as training sessions. They have long been used as an effective way to expand a brand’s reach, establish a company as a thought leader in the industry, and engage with prospects and potential customers through an accessible platform.

What are webinar platforms?

A webinar platform is a tool that allows you to build, promote, and host webinars, while registering attendees and gathering insights. A webinar solution may include a website designer, registration form, video player, studio production, engagement features (chat, Q&A, polls, etc.), and integrations with other marketing tools.

How to choose a webinar platform?

There is a simple formula to making sure you are choosing the right webinar platform: Content + Production + Interactivity = maximum engagement. 

Content: Make sure the platform you use allows you to deliver content in a variety of ways depending on your goals. For certain webinar types, you may opt to use a broadcast presentation type, while for others you may want a more interactive 2-way presentation. In many instances, a simulive webinar presentation, where you build and schedule a webinar to be played automatically at the date and time that you choose, is critical to your webinar program. Having multiple ways to deliver content is key.  

Production: Choose a tool that allows you to visually bring your message to life using text, overlays, images, speaker dynamism, and lower thirds. A passionate presenter can only get you so far; by producing a visually appealing webinar, attendees will stay interested for longer. 

Interactivity and Technology: Use webinar technology to your advantage, including Q&A, chat, and polling features, to increase attendee interactivity and overall webinar engagement results. 

How do I sign up for Cvent Webinar?

To sign up, just fill out this short form. You just need your email address and country to get started.

Is there a free trial available for the Pro plan?

Yes, a free trial of the Pro plan is available.

How does the free trial of the Pro plan work?

You can create and host a maximum of two webinars with the free trial without entering your credit card information. All features of the Pro tier will be available during the trial. If you choose to continue using Webinar Pro after completing two webinars, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information when you create your third webinar.

How do I create a free online webinar using Cvent Webinar?

You can create a free webinar with Cvent Webinar by starting a free trial of Webinar Pro.

Can I record my webinars with Cvent Webinar?

Yes, all webinars can be recorded and downloaded.

How many attendees can I have in my online webinar?

On the Pro tier, you can have up to 1,000 registrants. On the Premium tier, you can have up to 5,000 registrants.