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Online Event Registration Software for Educational Institutions

Whether you are dealing with alumni events, continuing education conferences, or graduate fairs, Cvent's event management platform enables educational institutions to automate manual tasks, increase efficiency, and streamline processes across various departments without breaking the budget.

Our event management solutions not only offer you the ease of automation, but also provide the ability to track registrations and meeting spend, report immediately on results to key stakeholders, and plot out the next steps in the event management process.

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Regardless of role, department or division within an institution, Cvent introduces a common set of benefits:

  • Efficiency –Empowering teams to do more with less and achieve greater results.
  • Cost Savings –Introducing cost savings across all initiatives.
  • Increased Revenue –Increasing reach and impact of events, driving incremental revenue.
  • Flexibility & Scale –Offering a model with enough to meet you at your starting point and grow and evolve as needed.
  • Analytics & Reporting –Ongoing ability to track, monitor, measure and take action on performance across all initiatives.