Cvent's Speaker Management is a win-win for organisers and event speakers.

Great speakers and session content can mean the difference between an event that’s mind-blowing and one that’s just, meh.

Cvent's Speaker Management software gives you the power to find great speakers and then manage their details and information easily and in less time. So you can be sure that you're giving your attendees the great event content they crave – without the headaches.

  • Store speaker profiles in an account-level library to be used across events.
  • Utilize a new standard event website page with layout options designed to showcase speaker information.
  • Get speaker's website page mobile optimized, providing a better user experience to those who are browsing on their smart phones.
  • Enable our Resource Management feature to better manage speakers' time and ensure no double-booking.
  • Format data tags to drop a full list of speakers with information and pictures into event/session emails for event promotion.
  • Update existing and build new reports to track which sessions have been assigned speakers, or create a printable agenda to provide each speaker at the event.
  • Speaker information Tie speaker information into the Cvent's API for pulling into external services, including the CrowdCompass event apps, so that speaker's information is kept up to date in event website.

Our Speaker Management software gives our clients the ability to showcase speakers and profiles throughout the event website and registration pages with greater ease, vastly improving our clients' event web presence and online registration process. By leveraging Cvent's Speaker Management Software, event organizers can increase efficiency and have more time to focus on other tasks important to their events.