Cvent Travel Manager Report: Australia Edition January 2023

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Corporate travel managers are keen to broaden the horizons of their organisations, with a majority set to have bigger travel volumes in 2023 compared to their pre-pandemic levels.

For now, at least, macroeconomic factors are hindering even faster expansion. Most decision-makers feel their budgets will increase in the year ahead - but on the back of rising costs:

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  • 75% of travel managers expect corporate travel volumes at their organisation to increase in 2023 relative to 2019.
  • 79% say business travel budgets will rise; but that’s largely because 63% travel managers  are witnessing rising costs.
  • 54% of buyers are choosing more unconventional accommodation options like boutique hotels.
  • 92% claim sustainability is coming to the fore and are prioritising environmentally friendly values from venues during planning. 

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