How our customer loyalty program works

Earn points from challenges

New challenges or activities are posted weekly. Earn points while you consume educational content including the Cvent blog, webinars, success tips, and more!

Engage with like-minded users

Stay informed about upcoming Cvent-hosted events in your area! Advance your career as a Cvent expert and amplify your professional network.

Redeem points for rewards

Cash in points for professional rewards like Cvent CONNECT registration or Cvent certifications. Or treat yourself to something fun like swag or e-gift cards!

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We Love Cvent Celebrity

  • Celebrities shape the future of our products.
  • Celebrities share positive experiences.
  • Celebrities are trusted advisors.
  • Celebrities help us grow.

You Love Cvent Celebrity

  • Celebrities grow in their careers.
  • Celebrities are educated on best practices.
  • Celebrities get exclusive access.
  • Celebrities build connections with their peers.

Cvent Celebrity FAQs

What is Cvent Celebrity?

Cvent Celebrity is Cvent’s customer loyalty program designed to educate, connect, and celebrate you! Earn points for completing challenges or activities that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Challenges can be fun or educational. Fun challenges include sharing your favorite book, summer recipe, or sharing a photo of your furry friend. Educational content includes new Cvent or industry blogs, feedback on existing products, upcoming Cvent product or best practice webinars, live event updates, success tips, and online trainings.

Points can be redeemed for professional and fun rewards such as Cvent CONNECT registrations, Cvent Academy Training Workshops, Cvent Celebrity swag, and e-gift cards to your favorite retailers.

What kind of rewards can I earn?

Points can be redeemed for professional and fun rewards.

Professional rewards include Cvent CONNECT registrations, Cvent Academy Training Workshops, Cvent Certifications, LinkedIn endorsements, and resume and cover letter review.

Fun rewards include Cvent Celebrity swag, tech gadgets, household and office merchandise, and e-gift cards to your favorite retailers.

How do I redeem my Cvent Celebrity points for a reward?

Log into Cvent Celebrity and visit the Rewards section to select and redeem a reward of your choice. Depending on the type of reward you’re redeeming, delivery can take 24 hours to a few business days.

What’s in it for me?

With Cvent’s customer loyalty program, you’ll always be in the know about what’s going on at Cvent. You’ll have access to Cvent news, industry tips, beta testing opportunities, success tips, and more... As a Cvent Celebrity, you’ll also be recognised for being an awesome Cvent user. You’ll receive a special gift on your birthday, Cvent anniversary, and for hitting other milestones with us.

Is there a fee to join this program?

There is no fee to join and participate in Cvent’s customer loyalty program.