Corwin Press Australia

Corwin Press Australia

Premier Publisher of Professional Learning Resources

A SAGE publishing company, Corwin Press Australia offers a host of professional learning resources and services for educators, that come from a deep-welled vision about the purpose of education. They host events to not only increase their brand awareness but also to connect key stakeholders in their industry with one another. Their global team was an existing Cvent customer and had been using Cvent’s event management tool for their in-person events since 2012. When Corwin Press Australia decided to host their annual conference virtually in 2020, they decided to use Cvent’s virtual events solutions to manage the complexities involved in going virtual and execute a seamless and highly engaging event experience for their attendees.


  • Pivot to Virtual: Due to the global health crisis, Corwin Press Australia had to hit pause on their physical events. However, as they did not want to cancel their annual Professional Learning Conference, they immediately began the search for a technology platform on which they could host the conference virtually for the first time.
  • Not Just a Webinar: Corwin Press’ events team were looking for a solution that could enable high engagement at their event, act as a one-stop-shop hub for their presentations and resources, and offer key functionalities such as chat, attendee profiling and social media integration.
  • Tailored Service: Aside from the technology, Corwin Press Australia was also looking for tailored services needed to ensure their event went off without a hitch.


Why They Chose Cvent: 

  • Comprehensive Platform for Virtual: Initially, Corwin Press Australia was in talks with an AV provider to handle their event. However,
    after evaluating the Cvent platform they saw that Cvent had the key functionality they required. Furthermore, they realised that Cvent was a one-stop-shop of software and professional services that would provide their attendees a seamless event experience.
  • Single, Integrated System: Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub had all the necessary features in place to provide support for their pivot to virtual. And since the solution was built as an extension of the event management platform (which their global team was already using), they did not have to worry about integrations or data sync.
  • Engaging Event Experience: With Virtual Attendee Hub, Corwin Press could offer an interactive virtual experience and showcase their event
    resources from a single, centralised location. Furthermore, they could track all interactions taking place among attendees via the Attendee Engagement Score feature.
  • Customised Mobile App: They leveraged the Cvent Mobile App allowing their attendees to chat, upload their profiles, and highlight their social media presence throughout the event on Twitter – one of their key marketing mediums.
  • Smoother Event Planning: Corwin Press Australia also sought out a full suite of services from Cvent to take care of everything from building their attendee hub and event app, to on-the-day support. This allowed their team to focus on other key elements of their events program.
  • Strategic Support: The team was extremely impressed with how quickly Cvent pivoted its solutions to support their new requirements and ensure a smooth dive into the virtual space.

    Expected Benefits: 

    • Target reach - 800-850 pax

    • Driving more people to their online bookselling partner

    • increased brand awareness and engagement to ensure returning attendees

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