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Cvent's Event Management Software

Benefits of moving to an event management software:

Event Attendance


Increase in event attendance when using event management software*

Team Productivity


Increase in team productivity when using event management software

Cost Saving


Cost saving when using tools like Cvent Supplier Network for finding venues

Our event management platform is more than just a device to help with the above, it's also a strategic tool to increase visibility and compliance. It can help you achieve companywide results by increasing visibility into event expenditure, adherence to corporate compliance and the overall attendee experience, across all your events. Cvent’s event management platform is not just a solution for the event team, but also for the sales & marketing teams, procurement and travel managers, and the finance team.

Platform for the
entire event lifecycle

Cvent provides the meetings and events industry with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. Our event management software has something to help you at each stage of your event — from finding unique venues, setting up a budget, marketing your events and hosting online registration, to easing the check-in process, engaging your attendees onsite, and ultimately providing you with post-event analytics to measure your inevitable success.

In today's economy, organisations are re-evaluating their systems and processes with a new level of scrutiny. Rapid ROI is a key factor in decision-making and Cvent's comprehensive event management tool delivers it immediately. It's time to say goodbye to point solutions and manual processes and embrace the power of the platform!

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The difference between a good event and an awesome event experience is all in how you plan. It's in your control over the details. Our technology removes the friction from your planning and gives you greater dominion over the details that matter - enabling you to see, respond, and do more.

  •  Introducing Cvent Express Fast


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  • Introducing Cvent Express Integrated


Easy-to-Use, Powerful Online Event Management Software

Website Design

Plan with simplicity

  • Dynamic online event registration
  • Secure event payment processing
  • OnArrival: onsite check-in mobile app
  • Comprehensive contact profile records
Email Marketing

Increase attendance

  • Targeted event email marketing
  • Flexible event websites
  • SocialWall: live social media display
  • Mobile-friendly websites & registration
Database Management

Ensure your success

  • Robust event reporting
  • Advanced event budget management
  • Unrivaled support & training
  • Powerful integrations

Event Marketing

Fully integrated tools to market your event on one platform

Website Design

Website design

  • Customise the event website with built-in tools
  • Embed video, maps, social media sharing
  • Clone easily for future or group events
  • Fully mobile optimised
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Branded to match website
  • Personalised merge fields
  • HTML editor – easy to edit or build from scratch
  • Showcase key sponsors
  • Clear call to action
Database Management

Database Management

  • Robust event reporting
  • Advanced event budget management
  • Unrivalled support & training
  • Powerful integrations

Event Registration

  • Save time
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Register on mobile, tablet or computer
  • Use Pre-populated registration form
  • Offer registrants to forward invite/connect through social
  • Get personal confirmation with ‘add to calendar’ widget
  • Offer differential pricing
  • Set session capacity and allow waiting list
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Onsite Solutions

Cvent's onsite functionality ensures guest-arrival and engagement run smoothly.

  • OnArrival

    • On-demand badge printing
    • Onsite registration and check-in
    • Quick and secure fee collection

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What is event management software?


It is a business software solution used to create, develop and execute different aspects of the event like planning, budgeting, registration, ticketing, analytics and surveys. An event management software can be an end-to-end solution for an entire event lifecycle or focused on a specific process.

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