Social Amplification with SocialWall

Meeting and event professionals know very well how important onsite attendee engagement is for ROI. SocialWall lets you tell your event's story in an interactive, visual way, grabbing your attendees’ attention and keeping them engaged and entertained throughout your event.


How it Works

SocialWall helps you compile and share delegates' social content in real time at your event, on full-screen interactive displays. Create a Twitter feed for your conference or event to project attendee tweets or create a live feed for Instagram photos and custom posts to spark excitement and engagement.

chat icon

Pull in posts and photos from Twitter and Flickr.

multiple Icon

Customise your display colour, theme, and background.


Choose from seven full-screen display animations.

filter icon

Apply filters to moderate content or select each post.


Pre & Post Event Excitement

Turn Your Event into an Interactive Experience

Delegates can respond to the live action with tweets and photos that celebrate peak moments, capture cool visuals and keep everyone engaged and eager to see what pops up next.

Interactive Experience

Highlight Event Sponsors and Your Brand

You can insert your own custom posts to replace traditional signage thanking sponsors, making announcements or highlighting "what's next" on the agenda. Your sponsors will love the attention.

Highlight Event

Gives You Control over Content

SmartGallery can automatically prevent retweets, posts with profanity, and certain users from being shown. Or you can hand select posts with the Curated Gallery.

Control Event Content

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