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Abstract Management

Manage content collection and review process when issuing a 'Call for Papers'

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Cvent Abstract Management allows event organisers to crowdsource great content with an efficient Call for Papers process. This modern solution enables organisations to manage the complete process, from collecting submissions to publishing final selections into an agenda.


Cvent Abstract Management is a modern solution that allows for deep customisation of your Submission Form's look and feel, so that you collect all the right information you need to make informed decisions. Submission Forms are responsive, so prospective speakers can easily submit their abstracts from any device.

  • Create a customised Submission Form to collect content submissions and speaker information
  • Automate emails with targeted invitations, confirmations, reminders and alerts*
  • Submission Forms are responsive, so prospective speakers can easily submit their abstracts, papers, sessions or awards from any device

*Coming Soon


Once you've gathered your submissions, it's time to identify your reviewers and the tracks or topics that they're responsible for. Easily coordinate scoring and voting across multiple stakeholders, offices and time zones, keeping the process organised and collaborative.

  • Select topics of expertise for each reviewer
  • Create rules to auto-assign submissions to the right reviewers
  • Grant reviewers access to the portal to provide ratings and notes on submissions
  • Easily track scores, votes and comments in real time


Based on your reviewers' scores, votes and comments, make your final selections by easily approving or declining submissions. Once you've made your final selections, send automated email notifications to the authors.

  • Accept or reject speaker submissions based on the reviewers' scores, votes and comments
  • Send automated email notifications to the authors

*Coming Soon


When you've made your speaker and content selections and published them, you can begin building your event agenda and opening sessions up for attendee registration. Cvent Abstract Management integrates with the Cvent Event Cloud, making this process seamless and efficient for event organisers.

  • Publish final content selections
  • Create an event agenda with sessions for attendee registration
  • Seamlessly connect to the Cvent Event Cloud

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