October 28, 2020
By Brittany Estes

It’s no secret that event professionals have been among the hardest hit during the global health crisis. As the industry adjusts to the new normal, they continue to inspire with their resilience, ingenuity and resolve. Whether you are pivoting to virtual events, using mobile event apps for employee engagement, or working on your event planner certification credentials, we see you and support you here at Cvent. While everyone adapts to the current climate, we know live events will absolutely be back – and stronger than ever.

Sharpen Your Event Management Skills

We all have a vested interest in getting the industry back on its feet during this time. In response to the global health crisis, Cvent is offering free training and certifications, valued at more than AUD 2,500, to all event and hospitality industry professionals through 31st of December.

With a variety of event management training offerings, it’s easy to find the perfect option to suit your schedule and preferred learning style. You can access all of our training programs online, including:

Cvent Community Training Webinars APAC

Find Cvent Academy Training Courses Tailored for You

Join the thousands of event professionals who are accelerating their careers with free training courses designed to fit your schedule. If you’re looking to learn at your own pace, follow self-guided training through Cvent Academy online. For an in-depth review of specific product features, join any of our live webinars hosted by Cvent’s training team. Enjoy expert-led trainings in event creation and registration, invitee management, mobile app engagement, and more. If you’re already proactively sourcing venues for events that have been rescheduled for 2021, consider courses dedicated to using the Cvent Supplier Network to source venues, build and send RFPs, and compare bids to award business to your venue of choice.

Evolve Your Strategy with Virtual and Hybrid Events Training Courses

Looking for best practices on pivoting to virtual and hybrid events? Join a dedicated Virtual or Hybrid Events Training Course to hear more about the evolving event landscape and get hands-on experience building a virtual or hybrid event using Cvent technology. See how you can manage virtual or hybrid registration, engage attendees with the mobile event app, and centralise data for streamlined workflows.

Virtual and Hybrid Events Training

All training webinars are also available on-demand so you can learn when it’s most convenient for you. Check out the Cvent Community to find the perfect training for your skill level and learning style.

Master the Event Tech Essentials

Foundations of Event Technology | Cvent AU

If you’re new to event tech or looking to better understand the integrated platform, you can learn the fundamentals of Cvent in the Foundations of Event Technology course. Join a half-day live training to see how event technology can help you manage your total event program.

These free weekly sessions will help you set up, launch, market, and manage any event. Get insights into setting up a great event, from venue selection to site design and mobile app creation. You can also learn how to drive event attendance to help prove ROI to stakeholders. Take advantage of an open Q&A session with our technology experts.

Register today and create your free Cvent account for hands-on experience for 90 days.


Become a Certified Event Planner Success Story

Once you’ve completed your training, boost your resume and showcase your event tech skills by becoming Cvent certified. Join the thousands of event marketers and event professionals who are getting certified today. All certification exams are free for you through 31st of December.


Cvent Certification event management certificate of completion

What does Cvent Certification Include?

Event professionals can get certified in a number of areas to highlight their product expertise. Don’t miss opportunities to showcase your skills with our new Virtual Events and Hybrid Events certifications, as well as the Event Management, Event Management Advanced, Venue Sourcing and Mobile Event App certifications.

Learn more about specific certifications, new virtual study groups, and download the in-depth prep guide on our website. You can access the online assessment to determine which certification is right for you.

  • Event Management certification: This is ideal for event planners and marketers who have created, managed, and promoted an event using Cvent’s Event Management software.
  • Event Management Advanced certification: This certification is designed for more experienced planners who have successfully executed multiple events using Cvent.
  • Mobile Event App certification: Those who have created and managed an event using CrowdCompass Event Center, and are familiar with the features included in a standard CrowdCompass mobile app, should consider this certification.
  • Venue Sourcing certification: This certification is suited to those who have proficient experience with the Cvent Supplier Network. This new certification is designed for those who have created, sent, and managed RFPs, as well as managed bid responses and awarded business through Cvent’s venue sourcing solution.
  • New Virtual Events and Hybrid Events certifications: These new certifications are designed for event professionals who want expand their skills and demonstrate their expertise in creating, building, and launching successful virtual and hybrid events.
Cvent Certification free certification event planner certificate

New Virtual and Hybrid Event Certifications

With the advent of virtual events and the potential of future hybrid events, you can showcase your growing event skills with new our new Virtual Events certification and Hybrid Events certification. These certifications allow you to prove your knowledge of the key components found in virtual and hybrid events. Demonstrate understanding of different event types, and how you can create, build, and launch successful virtual and hybrid events using Cvent technology. You’ll also be able to prove expertise in collecting and analysing post-event data to measure success.

Join a Virtual Study Group

Training Certification Study Groups | Cvent AU


For in-depth exam prep, you can attend expert-led virtual study groups. Learn directly from the comfort of your home while Cvent technology experts help you prepare for certification. Study groups are available to everyone, whether you’re a customer today or want to work with us tomorrow. Set your goals, follow our guided learning paths, and start learning today. Join your peers in getting a close review of exam materials and access to dedicated trainers in our open Q&A. These review sessions will help ensure you are up-to-date and ready to take the exam, and are offered each week. “This was just the review I needed before taking the certification exam,” says Amy Polk. “The training was great and gave a good overview of what to expect. This informative session helped me understand the features of Cvent so much better.”

Cvent certification #cventcertified social share

Accelerate Your Career with Cvent Certification

As you progress through training courses, make sure to highlight your achievements by collecting certificates of completion. These will be provided as you conclude each module. Showcase your skills across your online profiles to demonstrate your mastery of event technology.

Help the Industry Prepare for the Future

As we focus on the future of the industry, join us in doing what we can to help the industry recover.

  • Reconnect with venues by sourcing your next three events through the Cvent Supplier Network for no cost or commission.
  • Evolve your strategy by scheduling a free, 30-minute consultation with a Cvent strategist to maximise your event program.
  • Spread the word and share what you’ve learned with your friends and colleagues on social networks with #CventCertified.

Cvent Supports You During Times of Crisis and Beyond

Whether you are new to the Cvent platform or looking to expand your expertise, the skills gained with Cvent Academy training and certification will help you invest in your own success. We know this is an unprecedented time, and we’re working hard to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful now and in the future. As Jared Murphy explains, “As the dust settles from COVID-19, our world will have changed in so many ways. We will need stronger and higher skill sets to be successful in the industry.” With complimentary training and certification, you can harness valuable skills to bolster your resume and prove your industry expertise. “I am personally appreciative of being able to emerge prepared to take on the challenges of this change, armed with highly marketable skills,” says Esther Kincade.

As the twenty-year market leader, Cvent is dedicated to supporting you as we adapt, evolve, and accelerate for the future. Please share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues to help us empower event professionals around the world. Accelerate your career by joining the thousands of event professionals who have already signed up for free Cvent Academy training and certification.

Invest in your career and learn more about free Cvent Academy training and certifications. 

This post was written by Brittany Estes in partnership with Cvent Lead Client Success Advisor, Julia Plymack, who assists in the delivery of these training offerings.

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After completing graduate school at Vanderbilt University, I spent over a decade writing in the nonprofit, education, and creative fields. In my free time, I enjoy rummaging through old book shops for a rare find, travelling, and learning photography.

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