January 10, 2023
By Sudhanshi Parakh

According to the Content Marketing Institute's 11th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report:

• The number of in-person events dropped from 73% to 42%

Virtual events, webinars, and online courses climbed from 57% to 67%

• The percentage of live streaming content has increased from 10% to 29%

There has been a considerable increase in the popularity of webinars and video conferencing during the past few years. Webinars are becoming an increasingly important component of our professional and personal life. As we attempt to function post-pandemic, webinars are beneficial to businesses, professionals, and individuals alike. It would help if you used managed webinar services to deliver webinars that increase your exposure, give expertise, or create leads as a business owner, professional, or marketer. The goal is to choose webinar subjects or concepts that will allow you to reach out to a larger audience. 

But given the growing number of organisations specialising in webinar production, how does one choose a webinar topic that attracts the right audience and helps one stand out from the crowd?

Trending Webinar Topics And Ideas to Try

The latest trends or best practices in a certain area are always among the most popular webinar topics. Even more so nowadays, when the world is going through dramatic changes. People keep up with changes, developing trends and best practices by attending webinars on said themes. Some of the popular webinar topics these days are:

1. Post-Pandemic Leadership and Management

After the epidemic, leading and managing teams and organisations will be very different. Several modifications, concessions, and adaptations will be made, and no two workplaces are the same. This is why the public responds well to post-pandemic leadership and management webinars. Regardless of the situation, your audience wants to be completely prepared and equipped to manage teams and lead individuals to success.

2. How-To Webinars

Webinars on how to do something have always been popular. How-to webinars are a terrific webinar topic since consumers nowadays are always looking for new knowledge on how to conduct specific jobs or processes. This type of webinar can also be divided into sections, each addressing a separate topic related to the others.

3. Productivity Techniques

This year, productivity hacking webinars are also very popular. Many people are increasingly spending more time at home, working from home, and spending time alone with few or no other people with whom to socialise. Webinar topics like this will help people make the most of their time and remain productive even if their work environment has changed.

4. Career Advancement

Webinars for career improvement are popular among recent grads and motivated employees. This is especially evident as people strive to advance their jobs despite the new normal's constraints and hurdles. You should be able to offer career advice, respond to unusual queries, and motivate and inspire your audience.

5. Mental Health, Self-Care, and Well-Being

Webinars on mental health, self-care, and well-being are also popular this year. During the pandemic, many people struggled to cope with the new environment, both psychologically and physically. This is why public webinars aimed at assisting individuals in taking care of themselves during these tough times are always welcome.

6. Business Development Strategy

The topic of business development strategy is another popular webinar topic. Business owners and other professionals seek any assistance to manage and maintain their companies. You can talk about how to run a business during a pandemic, generate more leads and clients, build new marketing techniques, and so forth.

7. Virtual Launch

Virtual launch webinars are excellent for generating interest and promoting participation among the general audience. It makes individuals feel connected, but it also gives your audience a sense of exclusivity. A virtual launch webinar is an excellent method to promote your product or service, demonstrate tips and techniques, and provide further information about your organization.

8. Compliance

Compliance webinars are a hit with office workers. Compliance webinars are designed to keep employees updated on the latest compliance requirements and laws. This is an important webinar topic for individuals working for large corporations, especially those working with or managing sensitive data or products on a national or global scale.

9. Skill Enhancement

Webinars that teach the audience how to improve their skills are very popular with the general population. This type of Webinar is ideal for experts and other people who are already proficient in a certain talent, instead of how-to webinars that target beginners or experts. You will be able to assist them in improving their skills, learning new techniques or skills, or receiving new updates and information relevant to their area.

10. Allyship and diversity

Recently, there has been a long-overdue recognition of injustice and unfairness. Many companies and individuals attempt to do the right thing and take action, but many are unsure where to begin. A webinar can assist you in expressing what these values mean to your company and how you intend to follow through on your mission statements. An interactive or panel style can enable your organization's different viewpoints to be heard. You will want to tread carefully when dealing with delicate matters like this, so keep your schedule in mind and the people you will be involved with.

11. Current Affairs

Discuss how your firm or certain departments can handle a crisis or current situation (for example, many companies held successful webinars related to the impact of Covid-19).

12. The state of...

So you're interested in becoming a thought leader? This is the subject of discussion among thinking leaders. Someone who has their finger on the pulse of their sector and the broader market and can talk authoritatively about such trends is referred to as a thought leader. Salespeople and marketers are yearnings for data like this, yet their jobs keep them too busy to conduct their research. A webinar can help them catch up.


While these are a few ideas to get you inspired if you're looking for a unique webinar topic, there are undoubtedly many more other topics that are not covered by this list. You need not limit yourself to this list. As long as your webinar is the right balance of informative and engaging, you can choose to host a webinar on any topic.

Sudhanshi Parakh

Sudhanshi Parakh

Sudhanshi is a Field Marketer at Cvent, responsible for executing brand awareness and customer engagement campaigns for Cvent’s virtual and live events. She is a marketing enthusiast who gets excited on seeing interesting moment marketing tactics and creative brand campaigns! She spends her free time actively seeking out opportunities to learn or indulge in new experiences and hobbies, such as music, sports, travel, or design.

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