January 17, 2024
By Saumya Mishra

Remember 2019? Everything was organised and sorted. The event planners’ needs were simple, convenient and chalked out to the tiniest detail, but not anymore. Since the pandemic, planners’ requirements have become more dynamic with the ever-changing scenario, and venues must understand those expectations and come out with flying colours. All this may sound intimidating, but it is not. A few simple ideas, arrangements and a little attention to detail may sort the problem without any hassle. No matter where you are situated in the country, you must have these essential elements ready to serve your clients. 

Every planner may come to you with a different set of instructions and demands, but if you could read between the lines, you would know that planners nowadays speak the same language of concern and safety. So what does it exactly mean? How can you assure your clients that you are ready for whatever they may ask you? Well, you can send the message that you mean business by implementing a few strategies. Let’s go through them!

Explore Strategies Event Venues in Singapore Could Adopt For More Business

  1. Employ A COVID-19 Task Force

The pandemic has changed planners’ priorities. According to Cvent’s Planner Sourcing Report 2020, 79% of respondents said health and safety concerns would be among their top three priorities that will affect venue selection in 2021. 

Assemble a COVID-19 task force at the venue that will altogether remove doubts of safety and care from your client’s mind. Create a swift team that is always ready with the needs one might have during these uncertain times and embellish them with everything from as complicated as a PCR test to as simple as a hand sanitiser. They should answer the client’s needs immediately. Don’t forget to flaunt this feature on digital platforms.

You could also offer a COVID-19 test free of cost or medical coverage should the guest contract infection during the event or stay. For example, Shangri La Hotels and Resorts, an event venue in Singapore, offers emergency medical coverage of up to SGD 250,000 at no additional charge if the guest gets infected at the venue.

  1. Mark The Digital Presence

The digital presence of a venue cannot be compromised in 2021. Planners have gone digital while searching for their ideal venues, and you should too! If you can make a good impression on planners in the digital world, the chances are, the deal is yours. A leading platform, such as Cvent, could help you gain the top spot in the digital marketing game. 

The 3D Diagramming allows planners to look at your space and know what their event will look like at your venue. In the words of Kevin Peeris, Director of Business Development at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, “3D diagrams help us stay ahead of the competition, by making it easy for clients and event planners overseas to visualise our space without physically being here.”

  1. Embrace The Hybrid (Are you rolling your eyes?)

The world is ready to travel again with the arrival of vaccines, and hybrid events have already taken the hot seat in the event planning world, but is your venue prepared for it? As per the Event Industry Trend Report by Cvent, 40% of the respondents say they will adopt hybrid events even when things are back to normal post-pandemic. 

Whether the event is virtual or in-person, engagement at these events is always a challenging task that has become trickier with hybrid events. Planners expect a new engagement strategy from the event venues in Singapore to attract the audience’s attention. Using the same approach for engaging both audience types at a hybrid event is a big no for the organisers.

You can wow the in-person audience with the display of beauty, technology and effortless customer service. Let’s take the example of W Singapore at Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island, Singapore. This event venue in Singapore is kind of a fantasy world for its clients. The underwater speaker, mood-themed lights, private DJ booth in suites and what not! They are leaving no stone unturned to make their clients feel special and charmed with their innovative ideas. 

You can opt for real-time illustrations for your audience or host a trivia game night as a filler during the program for the virtual audience. A virtual photo booth will help the audience to celebrate the occasion and could be an instant hit. The choice is all yours, but it will create an impact on your clients for sure! Hybrid events not only please the crowd but also make for your reach in the market. 

  1. Curate A Safe Event Venue

Curate a contactless event venue in Singapore, which will upgrade the technologies employed at the event space and keep it safe and secure for everyone. Plant QR codes in the dining area or guest rooms, which will make it easier for guests to select from the menu and order food and drinks. Automate the check-in and check-out process that will make the queues and crowd on the front desk scarce. Replace paper feedback with simple emails. 

Singapore Tourism Board has introduced a guide known as SG SafeEvent Standard, which guides event organisers, suppliers and venues to operate under STB’s Safe Business Event (SBE) Framework. The SG SafeEvent Standard assures that an event is held after meeting the necessary requirements for safety, compliance and wellbeing in these challenging times. This guideline is used in conjunction with WHO protocols to ensure that an event is executed in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner. 

  1. Provide Value For Money

Don’t shy away from offering extra services to your client. You don’t need to reduce the price as long as you keep them happy with additional services like:

  • Complimentary drinks, 
  • Spa services, 
  • Free parking
  • Gift card
  • Flexible cancellation

and much more. 

For example, The Clan, a lavish event venue in Singapore, provides access to the Sky Pool and Sky Gym to guests. It also offers a takeaway of one of its collectables, from an antique umbrella, Chinese tea sets, room scent to soap collections to ensure the guest takes away a fond memory home.

Give away with a smile, and you will gain the business more often. Make it easier to refund in case an event gets cancelled. Respect the fact that the situation is changing every day, and an event could be cancelled or postponed at any time.

  1. Upgrade Your Technology

Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay. The wiser path would be to invest in high-quality technology and make it accessible to the planners at no extra cost. Create an in-house production team for the events, and planners will fall in love with your event venue in Singapore. 

Avoid throwing money on the latest technology to grab attention. Construct an optimal mix of old and new technologies that provides a seamless experience to the attendees at the event. 

Don’t rush on the tech bandwagon but take your time to provide the best to your client that could bring a good ROI. Designate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies as these solutions make up for excellent product demonstrations and latter allows planners to skip the physical equipment, which will save both time and money.

Learn more about event venues in Singapore here. 



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