Meet digital

Pave new paths to profitability

Be everywhere your stakeholders are now. And where they’re headed in the future.

Events are more costly and complicated than ever. More planners are sourcing on more platforms, wanting more answers with more efficiency. That means you have more opportunities to win MICE business — but only if you have more digital visibility than your competitors.

With technology that helps you stand out, you’ll connect with more of the stakeholders who make events happen. Target them on powerful sourcing platforms, then grab their attention with interactive ads, branded pages, and custom microsites.

Meet safety

The safety of online meets the effectiveness of onsite

Know every detail of your event — and every nook, cranny and hand-sanitising station of your venue — before it even happens.

When you meet the moment with technology that solves your safety and compliance concerns, safer meetings and events are the result. And because a safe event is an effective event, you improve your team’s efficiency and streamline collaboration between buyer and supplier. The new challenges of in-person events — like remotely marketing your space and following up-to-date health guidelines — become non-issues.

Technology for safer events is a necessary investment for both you and your attendees. And it pays off immediately

Meet data

Every decision driven by data

To win MICE business, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Data makes the difference.

Start with an RFP and end with ROI. Boost every MICE booking’s revenue per room. Track your cross-platform visibility and know where planners focus their time. Benchmark your lead and sales performance against the competition, from MICE demand and response patterns to whatever real-time metrics matter most to you.

With our business intelligence tools, data from the past and present produces insights that maximise productivity and profitability in the future.

Meet the moment with Cvent to thrive in this new era for meetings and events.

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