Cvent Express is built for speed, both for the planner and the registrant. For planners, we created a streamlined event set-up process so you can build and launch events in minutes. And for registrants, new express ticketing and one-click registration forms make registration effortless.



Cvent Express provides modern design tools so your emails and websites look and perform better than ever. Create branded templates to personalise your message and easily arrange content with intuitive drag-and-drop visual editing. Our new responsive layouts will provide a consistent experience on desktop, tablet or mobile, allowing your attendees to register no matter where they are.



Even when registration is less complex, there's no such thing as a 'simple' event. That's why Express is built to work seamlessly with the entire Cvent Event Cloud, including venue sourcing, event marketing, social media amplification, secure payment processing, on-site check in via OnArrival, and attendee engagement with CrowdCompass mobile apps*. With Cvent, it's all connected.