Romanian Convention Bureau

Convention center
Guest rooms15,463
Guest rooms at one hotel486 guest rooms
Special event venues15
Average room rate
Daily food cost
Occupancy rate
Tax rate24%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Romania is a mid-size country of 238,391, situated in Central Europe, at the crossroads of trading routes connecting Western Europe to Eastern Europe and Asia. Geographically, Romania is made of hills, plateaus and plains concentrically placed around the Carpathian Mountains. Its hydrographic potential is also significant: Romania is located on the middle and lower Danube and has a 244km shoreline along the Black Sea. Romania has successfully been asserting itself in the past few years in the competition with classical events venues, based on a series of advantages which make it a reference country for the development of this industry in Eastern Europe.

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Distance from airport

  • Henri Coanda International Airport

    19 km from city center



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