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Castalla is Spain's fastest growing mid-sized city and Nevada's second largest city. Castalla's easy access to International Airport, and convenient location. Castalla is located in a mountainous area, 35 km from Alicante. Castalla La Hoya, whose history is Castalla capital, is a broad valley in the form of T oriented to the southeast and sandwiched between various mountain formations. Castalla occupies the west and southwest of La Hoya which interlock like Maigmo mountains. Various local bars and restaurants specialize in this delicious dish made of a flat bread cooked without yeast crumbled in small flakes, copious quantities of meat, mushrooms, snails as well as lightly fried tomato and onion. And also "pebrella" derived from the thyme family, an aromatic herb that gives Gaspatxos its characteristic taste.

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Distance from Airport

  • Alicante Airport

    42 km from City Center

  • Alicante Airport

    42 km from City Center

  • Valencia Airport

    131 km from City Center



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