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Why Choose Our Destination?

The coast of Paraiba has a warm, tropical climate, with plenty of rain. Moving into the interior, after the Serra da Borborema hills, the climate becomes semi-arid, making the area subject to prolonged droughts and rainfall below 500mm. The average annual temperature is over 26o, with a few exceptions in the Planalto da Borborema region, where the average temperature is 24o. The ecological tours and secular architecture of the old mansions and sugar cane mills make for an enchanting historic, ecological and gastronomic vacation. In the Brejo region, the bucolic air of the interior, and the sense of a journey into the past, allow the visitor to discover, and relive, the history of the era of sugar cane.

Distance from Airport

  • Aeroporto Internacional Presidente Castro Pinto

    19 km from City Center



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