Association of Kumamoto International Tourist convention

Convention Center
Guest Rooms1,760
Guest Rooms at 1 Hotel705 Guest Rooms
Special Event Venues1
Average Room Rate$163.00
Daily Food Cost$101.00
Occupancy Rate
Tax Rate8%

Why Choose Our Destination?

As Natsume Soseki’s first impression of Kumamoto City, "Kumamoto is a city of forest". Despite the two wars burnt the downtown, the hill where Kumamoto Castle located and bands of Shirakawa River are fulfilled with the greenery of the camphor trees and cherry trees. It is our surprise that there are so many huge trees of hundreds year old-older than the castle itself. Also Kumamoto has rich running water. Ezu Lake and Suizenji Jojuen are always full of crystal water. Further more underground of Kumamoto City, there running enough running water to benefit whole 650,000 citizens.

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