Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

Convention center
Guest rooms
Guest rooms at one hotel
Special event venues
Average room rate$199.00
Daily food cost$93.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate20%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Pernambuco is a blend of cultures and ethnics, a unique and plural estate. Colonized by Portuguese and Dutch settlers, it keeps its European traces mixed by the native Indians and the Africans that joined in this “recipe” to give life and shape to this fantastic destination. Exuberant nature, rural and bucolic areas, the beaches and the bright sun from the coast, the rivers and bridges that cut through the capital city of Recife, the historic buildings and churches, the museums, all of this make a part of Pernambuco attractions and its rich history. In the Estate all of this attractions join with its strong popular culture and a well served structure, made of great hotels, excellent restaurants, a modern airport, and a strategic location in the center of Brazil northeastern region, this makes Pernambuco a important destination for events, congress and conventions in the most diverse areas.

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