Shizuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau

Convention center2,323 sq. m
Guest rooms1,728
Guest rooms at 1 hotel323 guest rooms
Special event venues
Average room rate$163.00
Daily food cost$101.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate8%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Shizuoka City has a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities. In addition to being one of the important cities along the ancient Tokaido Road, Shizuoka City was also the headquarters of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who founded the Edo Shogunate, which oversaw two-and-a-half centuries of peace and cultural development. Shizuoka City is rich in historical assets, such as its famous historical remains. In addition, its hilly landscape gives rise to beautiful scenery, making it an ideal place for travelers to visit. The city hosts 3 yearly international conventions.

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Distance from Airport

  • Shizuoka Airport

    51 km from City Center



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