Official Trier Convention Bureau

Convention Center
Guest Rooms220
Guest Rooms at 1 Hotel37 Guest Rooms
Special Event Venues
Average Room Rate$218.00
Daily Food Cost$126.00
Occupancy Rate
Tax Rate19%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Trier is the oldest city in Germany with more than 2000 years of history. Trier is also the other at-heart city with a future which is conveniently located geographically in the "heart of Europe." Today Trier is approximately 100,000 inhabitants, with its main center of the former administrative district of Trier, bishop and university town. Official Trier Convention Bureau is a good travel destination for visitors from around the world, a popular meeting and conference space, a unique vacation and resort. Trier is the starting point for trips to the Moselle and the Saar, in the Eifel and the Hunsrück and in neighboring countries, Luxembourg, Belgium and France. The town offers the opportunity to train in more than 100 gymnastics and sports physical fitness. Many sports benefit from the favorable geographical features of the city. Both the water and the need of extensive off-road racing disciplines will find ideal conditions. The three largest conference sites are the Trier Arena with a capacity up to 4,500 persons, the Fairgrounds Hall with 3,000 seats, and the Trier Europa Hall with accommodation for a maximum of 1,200 people.

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Distance from Airport

  • Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

    68 km from City Center

  • Saarbrucken Airport

    101 km from City Center

  • Luxembourg Airport

    41 km from City Center



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