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Convention Center
Guest Rooms55,000
Guest Rooms at 1 Hotel160 Guest Rooms
Special Event Venues1
Average Room Rate€225.00
Daily Food Cost€108.00
Occupancy Rate
Tax Rate22%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Verona is located at the junction of the A22 Modena/Brenner Autostrada and the A4 Milan/Venice Autostrada, making it extremely easy to reach from any direction. Verona is a vital crossroads which can be easily reached from Europe and from the whole of Italy. Verona is close to both Milan and Venice, but it is less expensive than Milan and Venice. Accommodation is of the highest quality offered to the guests. It provide service to anyone wishing or needing a plan and organize an event in this strategically important area.

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Distance from Airport

  • Verona Villafranca Airport

    10 km from City Center

  • Vicenza Airport

    61 km from City Center

  • Brescia Airport Gabriele D'Annunzio

    66 km from City Center


Local Attractions

Tailor made events

Experience the magic of Opera in a tailor-made moment for your guests …. A Piano Maestro, together with one or more lyric singer, will introduce the guests to the amazing world of the opera. The Maestro will explain the melody, the words, the composer’s thinking, the link and the difference between various operas, and the guests will be carried away by the arias with an increased awareness. The musical performance can be followed by a cocktail. This event can be set up in any location fit to accommodate the number of participants. … or the love of Romeo and Juliet! In this performance the Opera meets the Theatre to come alive Romeo and Juliet as never before: Shakespeare’s words in the original language and the most famous operatic arias . A charming performance unique in the world that combines the art of melodrama and the ideal of eternal love in a charming and magical place: the cloister of the Tomb of Juliet.
Verona, IT

Cooking Lessons

0 km away
A favourable climate, rich soil, abundant natural resources and a centuries-old love for the land, all combine to make the Province of Verona a “Garden of Eden”. A local chef accompanies you to discover the culinary traditions and will lead you to prepare some typical dishes. Photo: Verona TuttIntorno
Verona, IT

Theme Parks

20 km away
The Province of Verona offers many entertainment and leisure opportunities; among the most interesting are the numerous theme parks located throughout the territory, particularly in the Lake Garda area. Photo: Parco Sigurtà
Verona, IT

Opera Festival

0 km away
Every summer the Arena, the two-thousand years old amphitheatre, welcomes numberless visitors (approximately 500.000), who enjoy the actual opera show as much as the surrounding huge, monumental, imposing white stone structure. A jump back into a time long gone, on the notes of opera melodies by Verdi, Puccini, Bizet … unforgettable emotions, bound to last a lifetime. Photo: C. Concina
Verona 37100

Bike tour on Lake Garda

20 km away
There is no better place than Lake Garda for bike lovers. More than one thousand kilometres of waymarked trails for all abilities, from beginners to more experienced riders. Photo: Luca Bussola
Verona, IT

Wine tasting

A favourable climate, rich soil, abundant natural resources and a centuries-old love for the land, all combine to make the Province of Verona a “Garden of Eden”. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Vialone Nano variety of rice used to cook delicious risotto, or the typical radicchio (red chicory), the salamis (the typical Soppressa), the cheeses and dairy products of Lessinia, Lake Garda’s fish, the extra-virgin olive-oil, and well-renown vegetables such as the white asparagus. And of course, the wine. Verona is top of the list of D.O.C. wine producing districts in Veneto Region: out of twenty-two D.O.C. wine produced in the Veneto, ten are produced on the hills of Verona. The vineyards have been sitting for centuries on the of hills rolling gently from Lake Garda all the way to Val d'Alpone: through the millennia, wine producers acquired the elegance of taste and skilful expertise that give the wines of Verona their special graceful appeal. Wines such as Valpolicella, Recioto, Amarone, Soave, Custoza, Lugana and Bardolino have contributed to make Verona known all over the world.
Verona, IT 37100

Museo Nicolis

20 km away
This is no traditional Museum. The Museum is made by Luciano Nicolis. Into this work, which through hundreds of cars, motorbikes and bikes tells the story of how transport has evolved over the last 2 centuries. But there is also a lot more besides in the Museum-non-Museum: cameras, typewriters, musical instruments, unfindable items. Photo: Museo Nicolis
Villafranca di Verona, IT


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