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Across the Board

A term that many venues and suppliers use to refer to pricing that includes all hidden fees such as taxes and gratuities. This is the all inclusive price. (i.e. Your food and beverage will cost $29/person across the board.)

ACTE - Association of Corporate Travel Executives

An abbreviation for Association of Corporate Travel Executives. ACTE is a non-profit organization that strives to provide executive-level global education to business travel leaders across 82 countries including Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Latina America and the United States. ACTE has more than 6,000 members in 50 countries.

Advanced Logic

A form of conditional logic that allows survey users to use known data to trigger question presentation. This results in targeted question paths and increased data relevancy. Cvent's web survey tool allows users to set up a personalized experience using advanced survey logic to maximize the data collected and enabling precise reporting and more detailed feedback.

Advanced Survey Protection

The ability to define and limit who can complete the survey. Cvent Web Surveys gives surveyors the option to limit repsonses to those invited, require a password to answer the survey, include a verification process or use SSL. In addition to these security settings, surveyors can limit responses based on computer and IP addresses.


A term referring to a group or organization not associated with the host of an event that is holding an event or a block of rooms in conjunction with a larger meeting or event. For example, if a chapter of an association blocks off a set of rooms for their chapter members in conjunction with the association's national convention, they would be referred to as an affiliate.

Air Walls

Removable dividers placed in meeting spaces to create smaller meeting areas. Air Walls are often used in association with large meetings that require multiple breakout spaces. For example, a morning conference session may be held in the ballroom, which will then be divided into 4 smaller meeting rooms for more specialized afternoon sessions. Air Walls are not designed to completely block out noise, but will create a sound barrier.

American Plan

A travel plan used by many resorts that includes both the traveler's accommodations and 3 meals per day. Planners who are in charge of coordinating food and beverage and accommodations for multi-day conferences and events often search for venues offering an American Plan to cut back on costs.


The abbreviation for Accepted Practices Exchange. Apex refers to an initiative of the Convention Industry Council to develop and implement industry-wide accepted practices in order to provide industry professionals with more time, cost savings and better education. Apex also strives to improve the flow of communication and exchange of data within the industry and eliminate the duplication of efforts. Cvent has numerous technology partners including Passkey, Open Travel, GetThere and Apex.

ARC - Airline Reporting Corporation

Standardized travel agency system started by U.S. Provides ticket distribution, reporting, and settlement services for over 192 accredited carriers. It reconciles payments and commissions to ARC certified travel agents on behalf of participating airlines.

Attendee Relationship Management

The ability to create a web-based database of contacts in order to better monitor and manage contact relationships. Utilize Cvent's event management software to keep track of event attendees' feedback and participation history in order to increase registration rates and improve ROI for future events.

Attrition Rate

The rate at which an event decreases in size or the number of attendees who do not show up on the day of the event (no-shows) divided by the number of attendees registered for an event (registrants). For example, if 100 people register for a conference, but only 70 people attend the conference, the attrition rate for the conference would be 30%.

Auditorium Set-Up

A meeting room set-up in which no tables are used and chairs are set in rows facing forward towards one point of interest, usually a stage or podium. Auditorium Set-Up is also used as a synonym for Theatre Set-Up. Planners who require an auditorium set-up can utilize the Cvent Supplier Network to find event venues that meet their meeting specifications. View detailed meeting space information including capacity charts, room dimensions and photos.


Blackout Dates

Dates that are not available to be sold as a result of high demand and limited availability. Blackout Dates often occur over major holidays when consumer travel is at its height or during a hotel's busy season. Blackout Dates can also be a result of limited inventory due to a previously booked convention or large-scale meeting that requires the majority of a hotel's facilities.

Branch Logic

A feature of online survey Software that allows the surveyor to target specific questions to respondents based upon a previous answer. Branch Logic enables sending a survey respondent down a certain path, or branch, based on their previous answer to a survey question. The benefit of branch logic is that survey respondents do not see questions that do not apply to them. Cvent's web survey software includes hundreds of advanced features including branch logic and skip logic.

Breakout Rooms

Small meeting rooms used for specialized sessions that are party of a larger meeting, conference or event.

Booking Engine

The behind-the-scenes system that provides reservations functionality for an Internet site. A GDS or other reservation software provider (such as a switch company) may provide this functionality.

Banquet Style Seating

A seating arrangement designed for large group events such as awards ceremonies, galas and black-tie seated dinners. Round tables of 8 or 10 are used and typically spaced evenly through the event space.

BEO - Banquet Event Order

A document outlining all event logistics and instructions a venue (i.e. hotel, restaurant, conference center, etc.) would need to successfully execute an event. A BEO details the time of event, set-up of the space, menu selections and audio visual requirements. Directly communicate with venues through the Cvent Supplier Network to negotiate contracts and confirm BEOs.

Boardroom Style Seating

A seating arrangement designed to facilitate conversation. Participants are seated facing each other around a square or round table. This seating arrangement is preferred for training meetings or committee meetings where participants will need to closely interact with one another.


Campaign Source Tracking

The ability to track email campaigns through Cvent reports. Email reports give planners the flexibility to track deliverability rates, open rates and click through rates. Planners can further track campaigns with reference ID tags to identify which links, emails or websites most responses are generating the most responses.

CAN SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act)

An act passed by the 106th Congress is the country's first law about the sending of commercial email. The act states that commercial emails can be sent as long as they comply with three variables: recipient has ability to unsubscribe, email is sent from legitimate mailing address, and email has real email address with an email header.


Informal participatory discussion on group-selected topics.

Concurrent Sessions

Shorter educational meetings hosted in conjunction with a larger event, which are scheduled to take place at the same time. Each session normally focuses on a different subject or theme so attendees can choose the session that most interests them. Planners can easily build multi-session registration events using Cvent's event management software.

Conference-Style Setup

Chairs are arranged around one table. Also referred to as: board-of-directors setup, boardroom setup. Often confused with the Hollow Square.

Connecting vs. Adjoining

Rooms with a door connecting two rooms vs. side-by-side.

Contact Database Segmentation

The ability to divide your contact database into contact groups to identify contacts to invite to events or participate in web surveys. Users can segment the contact database by any advanced filter criteria such as title, geographic location, etc.

CRM - Contact Relationship Management

A shared online contact database system that allows organizations to manage their interaction and communications with clients in an intelligent and organized manner. A CRM system such as Cvent serves as a professional address book database organizations can use to manage communications for their events, web surveys and email marketing campaigns. Cvent simplifies the process of maintaining and updating your contact database. The functionality includes removing contacts with bad information, de-duping new contacts against your existing database, and segmenting your contacts into specific contact groups. Cvent offers advanced contact management that allows organizations to manage address books of all sizes. The benefit of a good CRM system is that it enables organizations to target and segment their messaging.

Cut-Off Date

The date on which any prior arrangements made with a venue in regards to guarantee number or room block are locked in stone or released. For example, the guarantee number cut-off date is April 1st so as of April 1st the Planners can no longer decrease their guarantee number without a penalty. Or, if rooms in the room block have not been reserved by April 1st, the rooms will be set free for general sale.

CRS - Central Reservation System

A system containing information about availability, rates, and related services, and through which reservations can be made. The term commonly used within the travel industry refers to a hotel company's central reservation system.

Crescent-Round Setup

Uses 60-, 66- or 72-inch (152-, 168- and 183-centimeter) diameter rounds with seating on two thirds to three quarters of the table and no seating with its back to the speaker. Used for banquet-to-meeting or meeting-to-banquet quick set. Also referred to as: buzz style setup or half-moon seating.


Data Tag

One piece of contact information such as Name, Title, Company, etc that can be used to help personalize communications in the Cvent system. Data tags can be used to help organizations create personalized email communications in a similar method to the traditional way of doing a "mail merge" of address information.

Delphi Diagrams

Digitized floor plan images of hotel meeting and function space. Meeting planners can download free software to create a seating style set-up of their choice. (Not available at all Hilton Family hotels).

Distressed Inventory

Hotel rooms normally discounted at the last minute to ensure that the property will fill to capacity.

Double Dipping

Honors Loyalty Program allows clients to obtain points for stays at Hilton Family of hotels and miles for an airline program.

Double Points Double Miles

Special promotion where HHonors members may receive double the points & miles originally earned.


Transport and storage of freight and exhibits.



A tool that allows you to book up to 25 guest rooms, meeting space, food & beverage as well as audio/visual equipment online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


An electronic statement of a guest stay.

Ergonomic Design

A term that refers to furniture designed to provide meeting attendees the utmost comfort during an event, while also encouraging maximum attentiveness.


A term that is used to reference an online or email invitation. Cvent's online event management software provides users with the ability to create and send an assortment of online invitations. Utilize a variety of professional graphical templates or Cvent's HTML editors to customize online invitations with graphics and logos. Manage the RSVP process by tracking open rates and response rates in real-time. Automate all pre-event messaging and post-event follow-up with the click of a button.

Exhibition Service Contractor

The individual or organization responsible for the supply of all trade show furnishings and equipment such as flooring, labor, signage and sometimes even electrical. Meeting planners can gain access to over 15,000 service providers, including a variety of exposition service contractors through the Cvent Supplier Network.

Export Values

The ability to assign alpha numeric values to questions and answer choices for easy transfer of data from Cvent into statistical programs.

ETDN - Electronic Ticket Delivery Network

An ETDN is a third-party supplier that enters a contract with the ARC and a separate contract with individual travel agents to issue and deliver airline tickets on behalf of those agents. An ETDN may itself be an ARC-approved travel agent, but it need not be.


Fascia Board

Booth/Stand signs.


A term used by hotels to reference the form on which all credit card transactions incurred by a guest or a group (master account) are recorded.

Force Majeure Clause

A clause included in most venue contracts which excuses the venue from being liable should it not be able to hold up to the obligations set forth under contract due to circumstances that are not within the venue's control such as a natural disaster or other "Acts of God." Before committing to a contract, make sure that the force majeure clause does not favor one party over the other. The clause should apply equally to both parties in the agreement, not just the licensor of the contract.

Floor Limit

The amount of weight usually in pound per square foot that the floor can support. Used primarily in Ballrooms and Exhibit halls when working with exhibit shows.



Automated cross-reference of group registration lists against hotel rooms reserved in select Hilton properties. Eliminates the tedious and labor intensive process of manually reviewing lists to identify the source of reservations made outside the block for a particular event.

Group Value Dates

Extra discounted guest room rates provided to attendees of a specific meeting. These rates are normally 10-30% off standard rates.  Planners who would like to take advantage of group value dates and promotions can utilize the Cvent Supplier Network promotional search functionality to find promotions that are being offered over the same dates as their meetings.

GSA Schedule

The General Services Administration Schedule is an unfunded five-year contract that outlines the amount of money the federal government has agreed to pay for a commercial vendor's products and/or services. This contract may be renewed for three five-year periods at the end of which a 20-year contract will be issued if all renewals are executed. Vendors and service providers can apply to be included on the GSA Schedule under 62 different categories. Most federal meeting Planners and buyers prefer to purchase services through the GSA Schedule. Government purchasers interested in the Cvent toolset will find Cvent listed on the GSA schedule.

Guaranteed Payment Reservation

Guarantee by a travel agency or company to pay for a guest room. The reservation usually does not have a credit card securing the booking, or is guaranteed by a card that does not belong to the individual staying at the hotel.

Guest List Manager

Online tool which allows group attendees (depending on their level of access) to book multiple reservations online at one time, view, print, and manage guest lists as well as view room count summaries for an established group block at any of the Hilton Family of Hotels.

GDS - Global Distribution Systems

A system containing information about availability, prices, and related services for Airlines, Car Companies, Hotel Companies, Rail Companies, etc. and through which reservations can be made and tickets can be issued. A GDS also makes some or all of these functions available to subscribing travel agents, booking engines, and airlines. The GDS leaders are Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo/Worldspan, Sabre.


Headquarters Hotel

The primary or main hotel where the majority of functions related to a citywide convention, conference or large event have been scheduled. This is also the hotel where the largest block of rooms has been reserved.

Herringbone Setup

Rows of chairs or tables slanted in a V-shape facing a head table, stage or speaker. Sometimes referred to as chevron. Same as: V-


Hilton's loyalty and frequent-guest reward program.

Hilton Direct

A one-stop shop for meeting and leisure travelers' planning groups and events. Designed as a toll-free booking service for short-term group bookings of 10 guestrooms or more. Visit

Hilton Sales Worldwide

A team of over 250 sales representatives worldwide who represent and sell to customers on behalf of the entire Hilton Family of Brands.

Web site for all brands within the Hilton family that provides hotel and brand specific information as well the ability to make reservations.

Hold Harmless

Clause in contract ensuring that a group, facility or company will not be responsible in the event of a claim.

Hollow Square Setup

Tables set in a square (or rectangle) with chairs placed around the outside of the table. Center (inside) tables is hollow.

Hospitality Suite

A meeting room or suite reserved to entertain guests and encourage networking during the down times of an event such as in between sessions or after an evening reception or dinner. Hospitality Suites typically include refreshments such as hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.

Hotel Clearing Corporation

The Pegasus solutions subsidiary created to provide centralized commission payment, worldwide and in local currency, for hotel chains.


IACC - International Association of Conference Centers

International Association of Conference Centers; An organization established to help solidify and clarify the conference center concept.

IBT - Individual Business Travel

Individual Business Travel.

ICW In Conjunction With

Standard terminology for sub-group holding events or a room block directly affiliated with a larger meeting convention.

Import Survey Answers

The ability to collect survey responses outside of Cvent and import batch responses into the system for analysis, reporting and presentation creation.


A term that refers to all expenses or charges billed to a hotel guest's account other than the room night fee and applicable taxes. Incidentals can include charges such as damages to the room, phone calls placed, room service and movies ordered.

Interactive Attendee Lists

An attendee list that can be viewed in a printable format or used to build custom reports based upon registration or survey data. Utilize Cvent's interactive attendee lists to pull reports such as response rate by target list which returns the total number of accepted, declined, waitlisted, cancelled, visited, unresponsive and invited guests. Download the survey question details by registrant to return each registrant's pre-event and post-event survey responses.


Janus Board

Video display of daily schedule of events.


Additional person staying in a guestroom.


Kiosk Mode

A form of surveying through which survey respondents can complete a survey through a terminal set up in a remote location. Utilize Cvent's web survey application in order to have individuals complete your survey from numerous locations whether that is a hotel lobby, private event, meeting or tradeshow. All information will be gathered on a continuous basis regardless of which kiosk respondents have completed the survey at.


Opening remarks or presentation at a meeting that set the tone or theme of the event and motivates attendees.


Launch Approval & Management

Set up user roles to require specific users to approve events, RFPs or surveys before launch.

Limit Survey Responses by IP

The ability to only allow one survey to be completed from a given IP address. Cvent's web survey tool gives users the ability to set the Cvent System so that only one user can reply to your survey from a given IP address in order to reduce biased results.

Limit Surveys by Cookies

The ability to track cookies on a survey respondent's computer to ensure that only one survey can be completed from a specific computer. Cvent's web survey tool allows users to limit surveys by cookies in order to decrease the number of skewed results.

Link Logic

Link logic allows you to use how respondents answer a primary question or custom contact field to control what answer options appear in a specific question. A good example would be if you are surveying people in different states and want to know the county they live. The first question would list all 50 states but the next question would only show the counties in the state they selected.

LMS - Learning Management System

A software tool or product designed to control user learning interventions. LMS software facilitates processes like computer based-training, on-line assessments such as grading of coursework and roster processing, as well as management of continuous professional education. Cvent's Event Management application can be used as a Learning Management System to gather contact information and register attendees for Continuing Education.


A stand designed to hold a speaker's documents and papers during a presentation. There are two different types of lecterns: a table lectern or a floor lectern. Table lecterns are constructed to sit on top of a table or another platform while floor lecterns stand directly on the floor.


Master Account

An account set-up by the host of an event to which all charges for a specified group should be applied. A Planners might block off a set of hotel rooms for all event attendees and ask that the rooms be charged to a master account so that the individual attendees will not be held responsible for the cost of their rooms.

Matrix Spreadsheet

The Matrix Spreadsheet question type shows a top to bottom list of categories and right to left list of answers with text boxes. This will allow respondents to provide data for all categories. For each answer you can set the answer format: general, number, currency, decimal, email address, phone or your own custom answer format.

Media Event

A corporate event at which media are the primary guests and the objective is to generate media coverage of a company and/or its products.

Meeting Broker

Meeting Broker is a lead management software solution offered by Newmarket International. Cvent is a partner of Newmarket and the Cvent Supplier Network is integrated with the Meeting Broker software solution. Meeting Broker allows requests for proposals from meeting Planners to be delivered directly to the sales force automation system at hotels and meeting venues. This integration allows meeting planners to get a faster response from hotels and meeting venues.

Metric Converter

A tool that allows planners to convert non-metric units into metric units. The Cvent Supplier Network includes a metric converter, as well as a meeting space calculator so that planners can easily determine the size of the room they will require.

MMP - Modified Meeting Package

Modified Meeting Package. Refers to a conference package that has been altered slightly from the standard CMP. Typically, an MMP is a full conference package with the exception of one meal (dinner in most cases).

Move-In / Move-Out Dates

Dates set for installation/dismantling of an exposition.

Multi Format Exporting

The ability to export or download data in a variety of formats. Cvent provides users with the ability to export data into 6 different formats including XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, Web Archive and Excel.

Multi-Path Registration

A registration process that allows registrants to choose different paths through which to register for a meeting, event or conference. For example, a company hosting an Annual Conference and Exposition may have one registration path for exhibitors, one for conference only attendees, and one for conference and exposition attendees in order to ensure that registrants only have to complete registration fields that are relevant to their participation.

Cvent's online event registration software allows you to customize as many registration paths as needed to meet the needs of every type of invitee imaginable.

Multiple Email Campaigns

Create multiple sets of emails with different messaging that targets different segmented groups.

Multiple Event Track Management

An application that allows users to monitor and manage multiple events at the same time. Cvent's cross event reporting allows users to analyze metrics across events in real-time including number of attendees invited, accepted, declined and cancelled.

Multiple Responses Per Contact

The ability to allow respondents to submit a survey response more than once. Cvent's web survey tool gives users the ability to define the number of responses allowed by each respondent.

Multiple Sender Email Addresses

The ability to send email invitations for a survey or event from unique email addresses. Cvent's event management and web survey tool allow users to send emails from multiple users in order to increase open rates. Market to executives by sending an email that appears to come from your CEO or send an email to your hotel partners from your meeting planner.

Multiple Thank You pages

The ability to direct survey respondents to a different Thank You page upon completion of the survey. This can be based on a respondent's contact information, answers to a survey question or their score. The planner can still specify whether to show a message, redirect to another website or kiosk mode for each Thank You page.

Multi-User Rights

The ability to define user access rights. Multiple users have different roles and visibility of events, RFPs and surveys.

MICE - Meetings, Incentive, Conference/Congress, & Exhibition

MICE is an internationally used term for the events industry.

MPI - Meeting Professionals International

MPI is the meetings industry's largest and most vibrant global association. MPI is committed to preparing its members for success with knowledge and learning experiences. Cvent is a national partner of MPI and many of the MPI association chapters across the United States use Cvent to manage their events. Many of MPI's 20,000 members are long standing Cvent clients.

Multilingual Survey Format

The ability to conduct web surveys in English, French or Spanish. The organization is required to translate the survey into the appropriate language, but all Cvent instructions and messages will appear in the selected language. The survey will appear in the select language, but all the steps and instructions for the creation of the survey remain in English.

Meeting Management Company

A company that specializes in the administration of all meeting planning logistics on behalf of another organization. A Meeting Management Company is a full-service event planning company and can cover all facets of the event planning process from site selection to contract negotiation to on-site management.

MMA - Major Metropolitan Area

A large population center and the surrounding area that make up one MMA (i.e. D.C. Metro Area). The Cvent Supplier Network consists of 210 MMAs in the United States and is based upon the Nielson Direct Marketing Areas.


Negotiated Rate

A term used in GDSs to describe rates negotiated by a hotel company with a specific client. Views of these rates in the GDS is restricted, and the rate may be booked only after entry of either the agent or client identification code.


An abbreviation for National Business Trade Association. NBTA is a global membership based organization that provides education, information and advocacy for professionals who are members of the business travel management industry.


Official Banquet

A formal seated dinner that is normally hosted in conjunction with a larger event. These events often include presentations or speeches. There is typically no additional charge for an Official Banquet as the cost of the banquet is almost always incorporated into the cost of the larger event that it is a part of.

Offshore Meeting

A term used to refer to a meeting or event that is being hosted in a country that is different from the country where the majority of the attendees reside. In other words, it is a term that refers to an international meeting or event. Cvent knows that searching for international meeting space can be a real challenge so that's why we created our Global Meeting Planner City Guide. Here, planners can focus their site selection and sourcing efforts and see what each location has to offer.

Open Rate

A measurement predominantly used by email marketers that refers to the number or percentage of individuals who have "viewed" or "opened" the electronic message they have sent. In order to track open rates, an HTML IMG tag is embedded in outgoing emails. This HTML tag functions as a transparent tracking image so that when the recipient's browser used to display the email requests the image, the email message is identified as an "open" by the image's host server.

By using Cvent's email marketing tool, marketers can test different subject lines, personalize messaging, and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns to increase open rates.

Organizational Official

Top level attendees not directly involved in the planning of the meeting.


A term that is used to refer to the number of seats/meals a caterer or venue will provide or set beyond the guaranteed number requested by the host of the event. The client will only pay for the number of seats/meals actually consumed by attendees. Most venues will over-set by 10% of the final guarantee. Therefore, if a Planners guarantees 100 people, the venue will set for 10 additional attendees.

On-Demand Software

Real time availability of a software product or service over the Internet, typically via the web. Cvent is an on-demand software company that allows organizations to manage web surveys, event registration and email marketing with our web based software.

Online Ticketing

The ability to securely process payments for an event or meeting online. Set up secure and automated payments, refunds and cancellations directly from your event web site. Cvent accepts all major credit cards and easily processes checks, purchase orders and wire transfers. Set up dynamic registration prices based on registrant type or offer volume discounts for simple group registration.


Parked Reports

Reports that are posted on a web application or web site that can only be accessed via password and link. This allows the creator of the report to limit the access rights of the viewers so that they cannot edit the report, but simply view the results. Cvent allows users to create parked reports in real-time so that data can be efficiently analyzed across multiple departments.

PCI Compliance

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It was developed by the major credit card companies as a guideline to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats. A company processing, storing, or transmitting credit card numbers must be PCI DSS compliant or they risk losing the ability to process credit card payments. Cvent offers PCI Level 1 compliant online event registration.

Pipe Logic

An advanced survey feature that inserts a survey respondent's answer from a previous question into the text of another question. The benefit of using pipe logic is that survey questions can be customized based on previous answers, making the survey more relevant for the person completing it and ensuring a higher survey completion rate.

Post Event Report

A term that refers to a report detailing event history including number of attendees, number of no-shows, total cost per person, etc. Cvent users can create an unlimited number of custom reports that allow them to filter by contact data, event date, classifications or other criteria. Over 70 standard reports are also available to Cvent users including wait lists, response rates per target list, participants, email forwarding, registration by week and more.

Post-Event Feedback

Negative or positive comments and/or suggestions provided by event participants after the conclusion of the event. The goal of gathering these comments from event participants is to gain an overall understanding of what was a success and what can be improved for the next event hosted.

Cvent's professional grade web surveys tool helps users gather post-event feedback easily and efficiently. Analyze survey responses with Cvent's colorful charts and graphs and tailor reports with report filtering.

Presentation Creator

The presentation creator allows surveyors to create configurable reports. Presentations allow for unique combination of filters and display options to create advanced, professional reports with little work on the part of the surveyor. Using the presentations creator, surveyors are able to access and view data in a way that is unavailable in other reports. Finally, presentations are way to communicate survey results and analysis.

PCMA - Professional Convention Management Association

A non-profit international association of meeting industry professionals who mission is to deliver breakthrough education.

Pre-Event Questionnaire

A questionnaire used to gather information from attendees before the event registration process has been completed. The questionnaire is primarily used to qualify attendees, pull together essential planning details or gather information about the attendees' expectations for the event. For example, a pre-event question might be, "how many meetings do you plan a year? or "what t-shirt size do you need?" or "what speaking topic would you like for us to address?"

Cvent's online event registration tool builds in pre-event survey questionnaires to ease the process of gathering information from event registrants.


Question Import

Question import allows Planners to add questions to an existing survey in bulk rather than adding questions individually. All Cvent survey question types are available for import.

Quick Contract

Modified version of convention contract for small meetings.


Rack Rate

A published, often highest rate for a hotel room.

RAPID! - Reservations Automated Processing Input and Delivery

Reservations Automated Processing Input and Delivery; a computer system with the ability to receive reservations electronically or on diskette from external sources, such as customer, convention bureau, or third-party meeting planner.

Report Filtering

The ability to designate certain fields when pulling a report to hone in on the information that is most important to you. Once preferred fields have been chosen no other information will show in report. Cvent's event management solution offers over 70 standard reports and an unlimited number of survey custom reports that can be exported in a variety of formats. Analyze data from web surveys with cross-survey reports and clear, colorful charts and graphs. Compare survey respondents by overall scores and pull a summary of responses. All reports are real-time and can be shared via a website URL.

Response Scoring

The ability to assign a point value to each answer in a survey question. With the help of Cvent's Survey Scoring feature, a respondent score is calculated based on the point value assigned to the respondent's selected answers. The surveyor can run reports to see the total point value earned by each respondent or reports to identify the average score of each question.

Room Block

Total number of sleeping rooms in an event reservation. Cvent helps meeting Planners reserve room blocks through their chosen vendor.

Rooming List

The list of individuals who will be taking advantage of overnight accommodations at a hotel. A rooming list includes the following information: first name, last name, arrival date and departure date. The rooming list is provided to the hotel so the hotel can assign rooms within the room block before attendees arrive on-site. Cvent's event management software allows planners to track and manage roommate requests, as well as require the entry of valid credit card information with housing requests so that the hotel will have all necessary information on file when assigning accommodations.

Regret Questionnaire

Questionnaire sent to event invitees who declined the invitation to participate in a meeting or event. The goal of this questionnaire is to find out why invitees were unable to participate in the event, as well as to determine the invitee's level of interest in a product. Use Cvent's online event management software to discover whether attendees declined the invitation to your event due to location, time of year or disinterest in the event offerings.

ROE - Return on Event™

The ratio of money gained or lost by investing in an event relative to the amount of money invested in the production of an event. Increase attendance, decrease costs and maximize your ROE by utilizing Cvent's online event management software.

Reader Board

An informational message board, often electronic that can be updated daily with the schedule of events for a meeting or conference.

Reception Style Seating

A room set-up designed to encourage the flow of traffic so that participants can mix and mingle. High-top tables are placed throughout the room with limited or no seating provided. Any chairs are typically placed along the edges of the room.


SaaS - Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software service application that allows users to purchase a software service to be used over the internet that is developed and managed by an independent or third party. The software is not downloaded onto the user's computer, but is simply accessed via an Application Programming Interface (API) over the World Wide Web with a login and a password. Cvent provides a SaaS.

Section 508 Compliance

Standards to make web-based technology usable for people with vision impairments.


Subscriber/Station Identification Code or Subscriber ID. Used to identify a specific travel agency with a GDS.

Side-by-Side Matrix

The Side-by-Side Matrix question type provides two single choice matrix questions side-by-side. This will allow respondents to select one answer for each category and side. This question type is deal when you want to compare how people rate the same category on two different scales. For example, a survey may ask respondent to rate different attributes on satisfaction and importance. Learn more about survey question types.

Skip Logic

A tailored, personalized survey experience created for the respondents by allowing them to skip to the next question based on their answer to the previous question. With Cvent Survey tool you can personalize the survey experience for your respondents using advanced survey skip logic.

SMERF Meetings

An acronym that stands for the Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal sectors of the meetings industry. Cvent's over 12,000 meeting and event planner customers represent all of these market segments.

Space Calculator

An online application that provides Planners with the ability to determine the total square footage of meeting space needed to accommodate a specified number of attendees. Click on meeting space calculator to know how much meeting space you will need for your number of attendees.

Split Billing

The process of billing separate entities for certain portions of the CMP package or other charges incurred by individuals during a conference.


Non-preferred hotels that load preferred rates using a corporation or consortium rate access code and properties indicating in the GDS that they are preferred when they have no rate loaded. The term also refers to preferred hotels loading unauthorized upgraded rates.

Suite Hotel

A hotel that only offers sleeping rooms in the form of suites. A Suite is a hotel room in which the bedroom and bathroom are separate from the living area and a kitchenette is often included.

Surveys Answer Randomization

The ability to change the order of the question responses a survey respondent can choose from every time the survey is conducted. Cvent's business-class web survey tool allows randomization of answer order to reduce biased results.


Tackable Wall Surface

Wall surfaces in conference rooms suitable for tacking or other mounting of flip-chart type sheets.

Tag Replacement

Data tag technology that pulls pieces of known information and drops it into email messages creating a more personalized one to one communication. Cvent offers over 40 mail-merge fields such as "First Name," "Last Name," "Company" and "Title." Pre-populate contact information into any event or survey campaign to increase response rates.

Task Lighting

A controllable level of lighting in the conference room to provide sufficient illumination for reading, writing, and related tasks during a meeting. Usually as a 50-70 foot candle reading at tabletop.

Theater Style Seating

A seating arrangement designed for presentations or lectures where participants do not need to take notes. Participants are given a chair but are not seated at a table. All chairs face towards the front of the room.

Trade Show Manual

A guide published in conjunction with a tradeshow designed to provide exhibitors and attendees with all event related information such as the show agenda, equipment rental forms, exhibitor list, show rules and regulations and more. Cvent participates in more than 50 industry trade shows a year.


Traveler not associated with a group or tour. Someone who books on an individual basis.



Part of the stage farthest from the audience or camera.

User Conference

An educational event hosted by a corporation.


Virtual Tradeshow

A trade show that is hosted online so that both exhibitors and attendees can participate in the show from the convenience of their computers. A virtual tradeshow takes exactly the same form as a traditional tradeshow. Here, vendors can exhibit their solutions and services at 3-D virtual booths and attendees can connect with suppliers to learn more about their offerings through web chats.

Vouchers/Voucher Codes

A form or code that gives the holder the right to a service as specified in the voucher. Vouchers are often used in the hospitality sector to serve as payment for a service that has been pre-arranged through a third party. For example, a Planners may pre-purchase 50 tickets to a Broadway Show through a third party. The third party will then provide the planner with a voucher or voucher code for all 50 tickets so that when the planner arrives on-site, he/she will be able to collect the tickets from the box office. The Cvent Destination Guide and Supplier Network allows venues and service providers to highlight current promotions and vouchers available to planners during specific time periods.



A presentation, or seminar, conducted over the internet. Cvent conducts multiple webinars per day. Check out our webinar calendar and sign-up for a free event Webinar.

X, Y, Z

Zip-In Check-In

Hilton's express check-out program, available to guests with use of a major credit card. (Available at participating hotels)

Zip-Out Check-Out

Hilton's express check-out program, available to guests with use of a major credit card. (Available at participating hotels)

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