Why alliance partners choose Cvent

By partnering with Cvent we can help deliver sustainable and valuable experiences to our mutual customers. Through innovation and collaboration, we can transform the meetings and events ecosystem – together.

Expand revenue opportunities

Build your own value-added solutions and services around Cvent’s variety of offerings to grow your business and generate new revenue opportunities.

Accelerate your technology strategy

Leverage Cvent to complement your technology offerings.

Differentiate your services

Stand out from the crowd by creating unique solutions with our software and integration options.

Increased brand awareness

Reach a broader audience without putting in extra time and capital.

Who are our alliance partners?

Our Alliance Partnerships are designed upon a mutual objective to drive business forward and establish leadership in the marketplace. We offer three distinct types of alliance partnerships, depending upon your business, creating a true partner ecosystem.


Alliance partnership options include:

Affiliate partner

Enables and supports well-established partners to help them grown their business in their geographical markets by reselling or referring Cvent products to their customers.

Service provider

Expand market opportunity by becoming one of the well-respected and highly qualified providers Cvent recommends to its global customer base.

Integrated solution

Become a part of the Cvent ecosystem by integrating your product or service platform onto the Cvent product framework.

Partner program benefits

Cvent is committed to the success of our partners and we provide a wealth of resources and perks to support you in your efforts:

Resource portal

  • Access sales collateral and training materials on-demand and gain access to partner-specific webinars


  • Leverage Cvent to help promote and accelerate your products and services through various marketing channels and initiatives

Marketing & sales enablement

  • Create co-branded collaterals and joint success stories*

Product insights

  • Early visibility into Cvent’s product roadmap


  • Receive additional perks like sponsorship opportunities, complimentary Cvent CONNECT registration, discounted licensing and much more

*Some benefits only available to specific partner tiers