social tables diagramming screenshot

Accurate event diagrams with integrated templates

Create professional, to-scale event diagrams in minutes, thanks to the world’s largest collection of interactive supplier floor plans. Our solution allows you complete flexibility by providing table templates - edit multiple tables at once, add or remove individual tables with a click, and much more.

social tables 3d event

3D event designer

Experience your event layout design as your attendees will - our software allows you to represent your space in stunning photo-realistic 3D, down to the last detail.

social tables visual seating plan screenshot

Simple, visual event seating plans

Provide exceptional service by accounting for all your attendees’ needs including meal preferences, VIP status and seating assignments all in one place. Our bulk editing functionality allows you to make last-minute seating changes quickly and easily.

social tables real time collaboration screenshot

Real-time collaboration with event stakeholders

Eliminate miscommunication with your vendors and venues using real-time collaboration. Ensure that your event design vision is executed properly with instant updates across everyone working in your event diagram.

social tables event layout pdf

Download and print your event layout

Impress your vendors and other critical stakeholders by providing customized hard copy event plans. Our event diagrams allow you to share critical information fast with your teammates, all in a single PDF file.