Why industry organizations choose Cvent

Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. By using Cvent’s technology to produce world-class meeting experiences, our partners grow their membership and brand loyalty. Our partnership program provides:

Thought leadership

Leverage Cvent’s subject matter experts to provide expertise on maximizing the impact of meetings and events, implementing integrated solutions, and addressing future innovations and trends.


Together we can help educate the market on industry trends and innovations. Get access to guided training and quick, self-paced online tutorials for specific Cvent products. Try a live or on-demand webinar for more in-depth product training or attend an in-person event for a deep-dive with Cvent experts.

Audience engagement

You can use Cvent to build an audience-centric content strategy from the ground-up, learn new ways to produce and stream content, develop content to keep audiences captivated and meet your business goals, and analyze business intelligence to create a marketing and business strategy.

Cvent technology access

Our comprehensive suite of solutions will automate and simplify your entire event management process. Cvent offers online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, virtual, hybrid, and onsite solutions, and attendee engagement. 


Who are our industry partners?

Our industry partners are typically chapter-based associations, industry, marketing or B2B media organizations whose members or customers oversee event management within their own organizations. Some examples of current partners include The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and The BTN Group. These organizations partner with Cvent by utilizing our event management software to manage their global and chapter meetings and events.

Case studies

MPI logo

Read case study 

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Read case study 

Partner program benefits

Cvent is committed to the success of our partners and we provide a wealth of resources and perks to support you in your efforts:

Flexible licensing options

Take Cvent technology to your chapters and members the way you want

Certification and advanced training

  • Receive complimentary and discounted Cvent certifications to ensure your team is set up for success
  • Access to 24/7 customer support via phone, email, or chat

Marketing benefits and tools

  • Work with Cvent to help promote and accelerate your products and services through various marketing channels and initiatives
  • Access to Cvent’s leadership and subject matter experts to speak at your events*


Receive additional perks like sponsorship opportunities, complimentary Cvent CONNECT registration, discounted licensing and much more.

*Some benefits only available to specific partner tiers

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